The Liminalist # 299: The Serpent’s Bite (Jimmy’s Harvest)

Three-hour epic penultimate Liminalist, from last Saturday’s online meet on the Nature of Evil & the 50-year reign of Jimmy Savile, with Kate Ledogar, Jim S., Simon K., Daniel A., Sally C., & Kamal Southall. To find out about the next meeting, go here.

Part One: An Addiction to Evil (0 – 36 mins)

Power and plumbing, electricity prices in Spain, the bid for power and influence, Netflix Jimmy Savile doc, sympathy for Savile, a natural-born predator, Crowley & Savile as anti-natural instruments of nature, ticks as embodiments of evil, evidence of imbalance, spectrum of complicity, Hitler & Savile, boils on the human energy field, Christ & Savile, as bad as Jimmy, cancel culture strikes back, collective catharsis.

Part Two: The Cultural Dominator (36 mins  –  58 mins)

The shape of Hell, the question of Savile’s soul, power, responsibility, and corruption, the true colors of Britain, a 50-year reign, identifying affinity for the devil, the compassion response, proximity to Jimmy, Sebastian Horsley, ancestral evils, Savile’s successors, moving in a parallel universe, the predator’s eye view, a pseudo-awakening, keeping it concrete.

Part Three: The Grid of Darkness (58 mins  –  1 hr 35 mins)

Wealth & power, propaganda pushers, money as access, demon-driven fantasies, where investigations end (at the systemic diagnosis), Jimmy Savile as mirror, Jim’s mother issues, the Duchess, Top of the Pops, transfixed by culture, aspirations of inauthenticity, the sadness of Jimmy, where ticks lurk, a pack of dogs, a history of savagery, planetary violence, predatory id, the song of the birds, a grid of darkness.

Part Four: The Evil that Jimmy Did (1 hr 35 mins – 2 hr 19 mins)

The web of trauma, Jimmy at the pearly gates, the society of the spectacle, aligning with the image, fulfilling kids’ fantasies, imposing fantasy on reality, fixing reality and being fixed in a false image, Savile’s hospital charity work, hospitals as hunting ground & mind control labs, the ideology of health, shades of malevolence, human purpose outside of progress, the need for physicality, trapped in a ghost-reality, a hungry wrath possessed by appetites, Jimmy’s harvest, abuse as wake-up call, Joe Biden’s public diddling, the # 1 demon trap, the spoils of war, a hierarchy of complexity, primal urges, choice vs. basic instinct, human parasites, abusive priests, a mental rift.

Part Five: The Coordinates of the Soul (2 hr 19 mins – end)

The limits of intellectual inquiry, talking around the wound, below the threshold of the senses, between the body & the soul, the foreign implant, into the disruption zone, lower than the beasts, when the primal becomes pathological, the original installation, a perfect storm of discomfort, the willingness to stillness, the human beast, an addiction to evil, the child within the monster, bad parenting small & large, keeping the children caged, the internal map of trauma, the coordinates of the soul, the sine qua non of being here, the healing resolution of everything, human simplicity, a bridge between infinities.

Songs: “Primitive” & “Memories Can’t Wait,” by Joy Zipper; “Good Friend of Mine” by The Bones of J.R. Jones; “Deluge” & “FALL,” by Psymask; “Sad Donkey,” by The Mekons; “The Hell of It,” by Paul Williams.


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5 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 299: The Serpent’s Bite (Jimmy’s Harvest)”

  1. Jasun, what did you think of the brief scene involving a young, curly-haired David Icke, where he suddenly appears as a sports broadcaster, and he happens to be sitting in the couch with Savile in the studio, looking really uncomfortable?

    • thanks for reminding me of that strange anomaly, I meant to follow it up, and wondered why, afaik, DI has never mentioned it?

      • It seems most probable to me that Icke doesn’t know about it. I wasn’t sure if it was meant to be a weird sort of homage or if was meant mockingly (since Icke looks pretty clueless in it).


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