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This is now happening.

This is the site for the weekly show.

This is the next event (Sat. 27th April, 11 am PST, 2 pm EST, 7 pm UK time)

To attend, sign up for a Mixler account (free) and you will have the options of live chat. For notifications for future events, hit the “Follow” button on the main page for Liminal Radio.

After-event Zoom video meets will only happen if at least seven people sign up beforehand. If you are interested, register (for free) via the widget on the top right hand of this post.  

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    This short vid explains the hypnotic state of magical thinking. It’s curious that this seems to follow your last few books, from Castaneda to Crowley, outlining some of your key points. Have you heard of Alan Watt? He’s also from the UK living in Canada. I’ve always wished you could interview him honestly, but I’ve heard he doesn’t give interviews much these days.

  2. -The symbols written in the sand with fingers aren’t a technology?
    -McLuhan’s “tribal/pre-literate human” is being (re)borne.
    -The machine is not a mother; it’s a tool, say, fire. Humans tamed fire, altered diet, became different creatures.
    -So this dystopia we’re living through is worse than the 14th century plague, or the working class in the 19th century?

    I wouldn’t have seen it if I hadn’t believed it.
    Marshall McLuhan

  3. Hi Jasun,

    Technical question. Mixlr offers Live page, Live player and Live stream. Which one to follow you on? Search doesn’t show up Auticulture but does show Jasun. Is that you?

  4. Listening back to this radio episode made me think about Erik Davis’ s book Techgnosis.I imagine you already know of it but if not it might be something you are interested in.From what I remember it relates to some of the subjects you covered regarding the role of technology in spiritual evolution good and bad.Also thanks for posting the playbacks as it’s helpful to digest them in a paced manner.


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