The Liminalist # 100.5: The Territory of Belief (with Joseph L. Flatley)

Part two of a conversation with Joseph L. Flatley, on pedophile rings, adding info to the map, an ontological rollercoaster, from Strieber to the Manchurian Candidate, Tavistock, high concept conspiracy theory & how to discredit the dots by joining them too soon, the program of society, Coleman & LaRouche, Beatles-as-social-engineering, swimming against the current, keeping thoughts at bay, self-censorship, Pizzagate, creating narratives before evidence, writing without committing to belief, MKULTRA and the cartology of mind control, smart people who pursue bad ideas, backing away from Pizzagate, 4chan & the hooks of hate, sacred cows & artistic expression, satanists in secret, embedding evidence into narratives, high-level child trafficking, ruling class culture, the desire to dismiss Pizzagate, Levenda again, Crowley & child sacrifice, what Pizzagate points to: a culture of abuse, data-mining & drugs, conspiracy canaries in the coal mine, culture as conspiracy, the deep question, the illusion of agency, the robbers of agency, the implicate order, the continuity of control, Seen & Not Seen, mapping the conspiracy outward from the self, Dirty Harry as propaganda, Esoteric Hollywood, Nicolas Schou, journalism vs. analysis, finding the ground, reporting the facts, letting things remain unknown, the lefty mainstream media world, vaccines, mass hysteria, polarization, grouping, & the atomization of society, avocation as the tip-off for a position to defend, the desire to control others, belief vs. logic, belief as lack of consciousness, joining a pack, belief as territory, the dark side of identity politics, Richard Spence, talking to Julian Assange, When Google Met Wikileaks, future scenarios, elite-broadcasting, Bertrand Russel, Tim Leary and free market as evolution’s peak, throwing dollars at death, Ewen Cameron, Ray Kurtzweil, and the narrow bandwidth of genius, transhumanist clubs, a homeopathic dose of gratification.

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Songs:  “The Kommema and his Religion” & “Of the Lakes,” by SunWalker; “Future Classic,” by The Arrogants.

1 thought on “The Liminalist # 100.5: The Territory of Belief (with Joseph L. Flatley)”

  1. Yeah two guys who seem to be transiting the same page . A sense of Jasun having circled through the underworld and if not emerging , at least blowing the ballast tanks to periscope depth and deploying the radio array buoy to see what the world is up to.
    Listening to your thoughts on Cameron and the other Dalek Masters, i got the sense you described of disembodiment and psychic fragmentation , and an image came to me of a bespectacled oversized head on a platter surrounded by scores of pneumatic blow up love dolls floating and filling the room. An insane shard of Logos surrounded by atrophied dissociated Eros i suspect .

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