The Liminalist # 100: Where’s the There? (with Joseph L. Flatley)

Talking to Joseph L. Flatley, on Joseph’s interests, meeting Flat Earth-ers, getting accused of being an agent of Mossad, the error of flat-earthism as an appeal to antiquity, targeted individuals and energy-directed weapons, an honest dialogue between opposing viewpoints, falling between two stools, alien abductions & the eyes of beholders, a wide spectrum of belief, questioning the literal reality of the paranormal, Joseph’s anxiety attacks, opening a can of worms, a shift in perception, different levels, the Jon Ronson shtick, a journalist’s responsibility, an inner muckraker, observing the investigation, a voyage of discovery, the classical mission of the journalist, survival condos, conspiracy creeps & conspiracy culture, the high-concept conspiracy theory, where’s the there?, literal vs. figurative clues, Levenda again, Jim Hogan & Jonestown, The Necronomicon & stoners, Strieber again, narrative-creation, Whitley’s pot-boiler sensibility, taking Strieber seriously, UFO LARP-ers, the overlap between fiction and reality, Susan Clancy on sleep paralysis, memory & imagination, breaking down perceptions into parts, aliens & ritual abuse, an unfamiliar context, the Franklin scandal, a bridge too far, topics out of bounds, the pressure to conform within the journalistic community, fear of misrepresentation, leaving the map of Kansas.

Flatley’s site.

Songs:  “The Kommema and his Religion” by SunWalker; “Don’t Die Before Your Day,” by The Arrogants; “These Flowers of Ours,” by The Asteroid # 4.

8 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 100: Where’s the There? (with Joseph L. Flatley)”

  1. Thanks for flatley putting the flat-earthers to rest with the absolute proof of a spherical globe earth just as the jesuits made clear hundreds of years ago! I can sleep better now. All the best with many more episodes like this one. Cheers!

  2. From roots to branches, have no fear, she ain’t flat and she ain’t a sphere.
    Yew got this, Rocky, yew got this. If you didn’t know it already, if you don’t start with the yews, you’ll never get in/off the ground. Chill on the trolling of Flatley and get to know that human-yew connection point … otherwise you’ll be stuck pushing the flat-earth agenda or the sphere-earth agenda … in other words, just another binary bot-voice in the (un)wilderness … Which may be (or may not be) the goal of your troll comment, whether consciously posted or not. I don’t know … seems like a shit-post to me, personally. ( … maybe I’m just projecting again, though. ( Winky face.)

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