The Liminalist 105.5: Uneasy Alliances (with Holly Grigg-Spall)

Part two of return conversation with Holly Grigg-Spall, on a culture in crisis, the Hollywood liberal set’s new mission, celebrity-stands, Holly’s circle, the luxury of disagreeing, being beholden to others, many invisible thresholds, becoming part of a cultural edifice/audience cult, losing control of the branches, the danger of agendas, putting a handle on oneself, Steve Bannon on birth control, uneasy alliances, acceptable truths, choosing sides, pretending to believe, what the ruling class believes, the foundations of a new ideology, the credulity of infantilized people, getting behind the narrative, stumbling into a Mafia party, Hollywood offers, the source of strangeness, Hollywood hipsters, Haitian kids, writing-trends, flagging scripts, the mechanics of movies, the lesson of Arrival, how the sausage gets made, Hollywood-Langley, interactions in LA, Corey Feldman, celebrities in debt, organized pedophilia in Hollywood, Beyoncé-Illuminati, the Yes Spectrum, killing the messenger, moral hazard, seduced by Hollywood, breaking the spell, when reality becomes reality TV, Trump’s inauguration song.

Holly’s site.

Songs:  “The Kommema and his Religion” & “Of the Lakes,” by SunWalker;  “Unopened letters” by The Left Outsides; “Torque” by Kristin Hersh.

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