The Liminalist 109.5: The Unknown Treasure (with David Livingstone)

Part two of conversation with David Livingstone, on religion and dogma,  the imposition of human rights, pluralistic empires, control vs. suppression, sensitivity to the body’s intelligence, boundaries & consensus, the vice of kings, the fundamentals of fascism, transgender & transhumanism, the message, the unknown treasure, Lurianic Kabbalah, the myth of progress, the devil’s plan, the invisible creator, Apocalypse-driving, proactive Gnostics, the golden rule, fundamental respect and true democracy, early welfare system & Islam, Egyptian religion & synarchy, a metaphysical hierarchy, the devil’s favorite vice, short cuts to happiness, the dead horse of the UFO, meme magic, energy gods, techno-libertarianism, Peter Thiel, Machine Intelligence Institute, Anne Coulter, Poe’s Law, 4Chan & Alt-Right, Discordianism pranking, the Trump-UFO, an emotional tide, a history of us fascism, Alexander Dugan & traditionalism, Putin’s Rasputin, the fundamentals of geo-politics, a Eurasian empire, Fascism International, Hail Trump Rally, traditional youth, the alt-media conspiracy.

David’s site.

Songs:  “The Kommema and his Religion” & Of the Lakes,” by SunWalker; “Siren’s Knell,” by Big Blood; “20 to 48 Hours,” by Party People in the Can.

12 thoughts on “The Liminalist 109.5: The Unknown Treasure (with David Livingstone)”

  1. “The margin is the place to be now.” Indeed! So happy to hear people discussing this subject — Aaron Franz of Transresistor Radio recently said something to the same effect. I’m heartened to know that there are still a few researchers & writers & podcasters who are comfortable with speaking the truth. I suppose that the majority of us who listen to you have paid their ”Alt Media/Conspiracy Theorist dues, and have come out the other side — not many of us made it, by the looks of it. I really mean it when I say that it’s good to be in such good company, such as yourself, Jasun, and people like David Livingstone.

    Glad David addressed his appearance on RI, as it was in the back of my mind throughout both of these podcasts — they’d never invite him back, since they’ve embraced the dark side. Your interview on RI is my all-time favorite RI interview, btw. I’ve shared it on my fb page several times, and some of my friends have passed it around. Your take on the ‘Alternate Perceptions Community’ was ahead of its time (that’s to say, right on time). They’d never invite you back either!

    These two podcasts rank up there with my favorite Liminalist discussions. David’s a wealth of knowledge and seems like a genuine person. Thanks very much for having him on & for the great conversation.

  2. It has been a while since I’ve heard from this guy. Well I guess this is a case of sometimes your enemies, enemies are not your friends. I’m referring of course to David Livingstone’s earlier obesession with the Jewish influence and the Alt-Right who’re equally concerned with the JQ. As for tying the Alt-Right to Russian intelligence and some sort of international confederation of fascists and all the rest of those confused connections. Come on. I guess all those neets and autistes will be flattered by the wild dot joining that he got into there. Clearly there’s a hierarchy of conspiracy theorists and and he values his stock over AJ and co.

    It was what didn’t get expressed that interested me more. His preoccupation with hierarchies and respect and the many contradictions apparent in his arguments pertaining to traditionalism and liberalism. He was all over the shop. A beast of burden is by definition of less worth than the man brandishing the whip. And the street cleaner can’t expect to be paid the same salary as a doctor. To say otherwise is to out yourself as a commie, or am I outing myself as fascist. Lolz and smh.

    Perhaps being of mixed race, he had too much skin in the game to be objective. Clearly he is well read, but his arguments just seemed to lack any coherence and in my mind were influenced by unresolved, perhaps unexplored, issues. I would’ve been far more interested if you’d had taken more of a SWEDA approach and put him on the couch.

  3. Hey man, your interviews are like finding a cool running Brook, in the middle of an exhilarating hike up a steep Mountain in perfect weather. You’re able to stop and reflect, or refresh yourself and take in the precious nourishment of the water. I guess now I’ll have to continue to power through your archive or go back to the junk food drawer of YouTube, and all the other non liminalist podcast out there. Cheers.

  4. “I was a hidden treasure; I loved to be known. Hence I created the world so that I would be known”

    It’s funny that this Islamic hadith quoted by Livingstone on the show is also one quoted prominently by Dugin, to whom he feels opposed, in some of his works…

  5. I think he misunderstands Nietzsche. Nietzsche’s uber mensch is simply the next step of evolution. The idea is that the uber mensch is to man, what man is to ape. Wishing to remain as a human is a stagnant mindset popular among the religious.

    Maybe we can’t have a democratic society at the size of several million or even several thousand. Maybe at that level people lose empathy for the whole group and inherently form factions.

    Would the only way past this be evolving past humans?

    Could we make a society that was aimed at truth and transparency, but was not democratic?


    Are we pretending meme magic is real? Isn’t the wave of nationalism across the globe a clear sign that either there’s been a mindset shift in western culture or a sign of that the controllers are pushing that narrative? Meme magic is a joke by shitposters, mainly teenagers.

    Imagining Trump is the problem seems like an idea to soothe oneself. Glad to see that you (Jasun) realize everything is almost certainly controlled. They don’t allow any major candidates who aren’t part of their plans. The problem is bigger than voting in a president, it starts with the social engineers/elites. The actually influential Russians and Americans are probably one the same side.

  6. Based on this podcast, I guess I’m a discordian. I’m not entirely sure why that’s supposed to be a bad thing? Aren’t we generally all trying to breakdown beliefs here?

    I really don’t buy the line of reasoning at the end of the podcast. I agree with what he’s saying on AJ, but if you take the argument to its conclusion, none of the dissidence that has occurred against the government during the previous 8 years was legitimate – apparently it was all orchestrated by the Russians, including people like Glenn Greenwald. Nope, sorry, not buying that. I’ve never heard anything remotely along these lines before. I’d like to see some sources.

    And the twisted logic that was used to pin the DNC hacks on the Russians. Again sources? I’ve only heard this kind of stuff out of mainstream media. We need to be careful we’re trusting in the alternative media (watch out for the shit in the punch), but that doesn’t mean we revert to the official story by default.

  7. Been cogitating on this one and get the feeling Dave is running home to Mommy in the form of christianity (or Daddy depending on your bent ). Cant escape the feeling that the Gods , Angels , Demons are also Gods creation , and that they themselves are victims of this abuse by tyrants . The Shem- Haporesch are like electricity , you can light the way , cook your food , perm your hair or shove your finger in the socket and get electrocuted , whatever you prefer !


  8. I discovered your podcasts last week Jasun. I love your site and have been listening every day since. It was my love for Leonard Cohen that led me to you plus my interest in MK Ultra, the occult and the ruling elite. Not only are you a great interviewer of my favourite subjects but your voice is like honey into the bargain. What a find. Thank you <3

  9. I could listen to these interviews between you, Jasun, and David Livingstone over and over and over. Thank you so much – I didn’t think the use of English language or the dog Latin could be bring me this close to tears. What a discovery in every minute. This is definitely the site for poets, musicians, dancers, writers and artists to congregate and explode their work into new realms.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you both.


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