The Liminalist # 110: A Life Unknowing (with Wendy Hoffman)

Conversation with organized ritual abuse survivor Wendy Hoffman, author of The Enslaved Queen, on being fragmented, finding internal structures, connecting to inner parts, a special friend, a pre-existing soul, learning to dissociate, splitting the mind, maternal rejection, landscape layers, remembering, current contact, a foam of a life, a life unknowing, dream and nightmare, mother-beatings, Michelle Remembers, finding the ground, a life of memory retrieval, how integration happens, doubting memories, some of your finest parts, internal structures, Mengele and mind control, neural pathways, psychic ability, infant assessment, creating cultural leaders, hand-signals among the elite, abuse culture programming, ritual sacrifice and the inception of culture, child trafficking and drug mules, the use of psychism for social control, changing perspectives, moving towards self-knowing, rescuing the parts.

Songs:  “The Kommema and his Religion” & Of the Lakes,” by SunWalker; “Ode to an American Town,” by Kirk Pearson and  BIT.

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  1. Very emotive podcast. Thanks Jasun and Wendy. I’m listening every week and each and every podcast is so great & inspirational as they are diverse and mind blowing. Thanks!

  2. Anne Diamond

    Checkmate – coincides with Beverly Chalmers PhD Ottawa – Presentation to Oxford University
    A) Entitled Evil Sexual promiscuity of the Third Reich WW11:……………….
    A)i) (Residential Schools Ireland – past 200 Years – Canada – USA apparently and consists of Criminal Illicit Live human experimentation Montreal Quebec /taught at University there / Jesuits END………….
    A)ii) These children apparently were referred to as throw away children or invisible children
    A)iii) apparently some were bred for that person covertly/Catholic Priests encouraging numerous children – If you cannot care for them we will apparently.END…………….
    A)iv) It appears that the same occurred in Edmonton Alberta over 800 children died in care.END
    A)v) It appears that children that were wrongfully seized for “foster care” by Irish Jesuit women trained as social workers (Moloch) others taught these children to wrongfully criminalize their Mothers alienating them sometimes forever unless they survived the street or system .END
    A)vi) These children were not nurtured because their parents might want them back again – apparently the same were not mentored or groomed for further education – Tech or University by targeting isolated on elementary school, Junior High, High school in the community.END
    A)vii) Age 16 or 17 the financial assistance for these young people – apparently the dialogue of foster parents went like this a) no more money for you care – there’s the door – make good use of it on you way out b) this put the very young person unable to find their parents in a situation SUBJECTED TO STARVATION homelessness of either Prostituting herself/himself or jumping off the Lyons Gate Bridge similar to Marie Fraser – her mother grief stricken was given her daughter’s diary detailing her daughter’s suffering and desperateness in finding her Mother .END
    A)viii) Marie Fraser must be buried in hallowed ground similar to the entity Molech a system appears to have been created to destroy the a) family b) babies c) children d) non Catholic Religions
    A)ix) teen killed herself the day after she aged out of foster care 22-year-old falls to death at Stanley Park’s Prospect Point Carly committed suicide by jumping off the Lions Gate Bridge …
    A)x) Carly Fraser, 19, jumped off the Lions Gate Bridge 20 hours after she … The day Carly Fraser turned 19, … she threw herself off the Lions Gate Bridge. … B.C. teen killed herself the day after she aged out of foster care.
    A)viii) Frasers possess Jewish Blood DNA – A system trained to legally kill – is a System apparently created by Molech from ancient Summaria – WW11 Vril Thule Molech – Apparently destruction of this bloodline reduces the “risk” of Jesus Christ – Eesa – Gift Giver from being reincarnated.END
    NOTE These Children must be kept in their homes and their parents paid the fees that would “normally” be paid to foster parents.END
    These statements are made without prejudice – are true based upon the best accurate written data available and are not allegations .END GOD bless you Anne Diamond and all of you.END

  3. Thank you, Blue – i recognize your voice. I feel blessed not to have lived through what others had to. Finally, even the Canada Council has decided to acknowledge the children’s holocaust and awarded grant money to a project featuring some of the survivors:

    “Alyssa Ryvers’ most recent intermedia work, O douce Providence, has as a focus the witness account of Herve Bertrand, one of the Duplessis Orphans survivors. An international tour is being planned for 2018.

    “Comité des Orphelins et Orphelines de Duplessis Victimes d’Abus CODVA The Chamber Players of Canada Music & Beyond National Gallery of Canada”

    More at her Facebook page @alyssaryvers

  4. This was one of the most difficult podcasts I’ve ever listened to. I caught myself numerous times thinking that what Ms. Hoffman was describing couldn’t possibly be true since that would mean some parts of humanity are even more depraved than I ever imagined. Thank you for sharing this, and I wish youboth the best

  5. Thanks for this one Jasun and Wendy. It is indeed difficult to imagine and yet the traces stubbornly and persistently remain both in the world and in the psyche.

    And I deeply second Wendy’s closing comment that the interior journey is the only journey worth taking. Or perhaps, the only real road that will lead to an exterior journey of truth rather than falsity.

  6. Blue Irwin? A prof of mine who was also multiple.
    Anyway, the boy who loved her is not too dissimilar to my Daniel, murdered as a boy of about 7-9. He had a palsy of some kind. Listening further. Just needed to get it on screen.

  7. The one aspect of my healing with the most dramatic effect was to learn to love my alters, to forgive them, to honor them, to offer them choices, and to parent them. And when they told me, and the others who were listening at the time their memories, they then had the option of integrating or not. Thank you Jasun and Blue.


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