The Liminalist # 129: Social Liberation & the Invasion of the Mind Parasites (Liminalista Live Meet-Up)

Selected highlights from second live online video meet-up for Liminalistas, on experimental projects, group chemistry, social liberation & enlightenment, discomfort in social situations, winning & losing, how others perceive us, comfort in action, everyone’s trauma, Dave Oshana & confronting anxiety, moving outside comfort zones, life as social engagement, awakening to neurotic patterns, following the energy, the beauty of social interaction, the context of the collective, the interface between the environment and the body, new ways to disagree, confronting stage fright, the fear of being seen, the anxiety of being liminal, identity as response to the other, becoming aware of patterns, a net on the ocean, training the mind, mediating emotions into the earth, mind, language, & images, reconfiguring the architecture of the mind, house renovations as metaphor, mind as digestion, self-surgery and spiritual autolysis, pre-thinking mind, semi-autonomous thoughts, the mind parasites, translating symbols into language, returning to the source of consciousness, movie grooves to violence, relinquishing forms of mimesis, the science of consciousness control, re-engineering the psyche.

Songs:  “The Kommema and his Religion”  and “Of the Lakes,” by SunWalker; “Get Away Lane” and “Jenny the Game” by Dead Cinema.

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  1. There wasn’t a video recording made. It’s possible for future events but they’d likely only be available to group participants. I’d also need to figure out somewhere to upload them besides public sites like Youtube or Vmeo.


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