The Liminalist # 131.5: What’s Worth Not Being Yourself?

Part two of the third live Liminalist online meet-up, with Frances Hutchens, Nick Kalani, and Christopher S., on being a social outcast, speaking one’s mind, the death of common sense, group think & a sense of reality, Jordan Peterson the spokesgoat, a tendency to say no, finding the appropriate expression outside of social mandates, the safety of snark & the death of sincerity, never-ending ironic patter, mimetic Mexicans, matching the other to communicate, conscious vs. unconscious mimesis, excess individualism, no discreet identity, communal activities, sandcasting project, communal vs. social, social media as anti-community, an integrating of identities, expanding comfort zone, there are no consequences to being oneself, how am I not myself?, trial and error expression, death or authenticity, increased awkwardness, the “Stormy Weather” persona, what’s worth not being oneself?, confronting discomfort, a question of faith and religion vs. denial of death, futility of arguing with nihilists, the realms beyond death, real spirituality, submerging the individual, a healing session.

Sandcasting video, here.

Songs:  “The Kommema and his Religion”  and “Of the Lakes,” by SunWalker; “Gone Away,” by Cullah; “Graveyard” by Trailer Bride.

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