The Liminalist # 132.5: The Gaze of Big Mother (with Gib Strange)

Part two of conversation with Gib Strange, on email correspondence and similarities between Jasun & Gib, the pathology of the cinephile, the forgetting chamber, the need for social skills, Jasun’s filmmaking experience, a shared immersion experience, pre-identity consciousness, separating from the mother, movies as transitional space, the Truman Show delusion, the evolution of schizophrenia, living in a simulation, Jim Carrey’s obnoxious enlightenment, on the other side of the movie screen, the Panopticon, AI, and the mother’s gaze, reverse-engineering God in man’s image, psychedelic Google crowd, a heart-stopping drug-trip, transhumanism satire, insanity as an ideological affiliation, the des-res of AI, an experiential level to possession, an ancestral void, the weight of disembodied ancestral history, a non-drive to procreate, navigating the future, philosophical hatred of the world, the world as a worthy opponent, Taxi Driver & Arthur Bremer’s journals, Elliot Rodger’s manifesto, cinema and religious faith, The Secret Life of Movies, Five Easy Pieces, Last Tango in Paris, and the geographical cure, a fatal paradox.

Notes from the Uncanny Valley (Gib’s podcast)

Songs:  “The Kommema and his Religion”  and “Of the Lakes” by SunWalker; “Kill Time” and “Short Cut Home” by Dead Cinema.

1 thought on “The Liminalist # 132.5: The Gaze of Big Mother (with Gib Strange)”

  1. the colombian drug that stops the heart is known as “devil’s breath” in it’s nefarious street form, burandanga in it’s traditional shamanic form, and close to the chemical compound scopolamine.
    i’m mainly a podcast listener, having read only a few of your blog posts. i find a lot of passive subtle humour in the podcasts, just as my favorite humor in life in general. it’s a rare bird indeed that can try to be funny and succeed. not doubting your capacity for that, but why fix what isn’t broken?


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