The Liminalist # 138.5: The Will to Cognitively Rule the World (with Branko Malić)

Part two of return conversation with Branko Malić, on the nature of eternity, what to do in a postmodern world, can we get away from narratives, what makes fictions crucial, sorting the seeds, sifting through the wreckage of postmodernist narratives, knowledge as a personal thing, knowing through identification, developing discernment, narratives as assertions of power, Foucault & voluntaryism, truth & social power, a forced discourse, how postmodernism evades definition, conspiratainment, swimming against the current, radical platforms, low-level communist snitches, an appetite for making sense, the will to cognitively rule the world, conspiracy theory as the means to deny complicity, a double bottom to deep politics, the need for an insider perspective, the Yugoslav war, an imperialist projection, psychological levers and social engineering, domestic mind control, the sphere of perception manipulation, self-observation, identifying internal hooks, awareness hygiene, unconscious globalists, the danger of assimilating elitist thinking, Flat Earth theories, the stupid pill, disconnected from our bodies, a felt sense that something isn’t right, post-Matrix conspiracy culture, Alt-Right merges with mainstream, academic institutions vs. Alt-Right, a reaction against narrative control, political correctness, advocating genocide, lying as murder, losing the ground, left and right similarities, internet youth culture, Alt-Right & philosophical inversions, a common direction of coagulation, dripping below, Angela Nagel, David Brock’s involvement in Alt-Right’s creation, conspiracy-chic, audience cults, William Sims Bainbridge, reality tunnel building, digging a virtual grave, influencing the young, the error of social form, the attempt to recreate everything, evil in essence, a revolutionary invasion of intimacy, the difference between evil and misguided, an unveiled will to destruction, the myth of the fallen angel, a cosmic suicide, the ideology of post-humanism, the bid to erase man.


Songs:  “Je Kumi” by Cinkusi; “There Is a Light” and “Heavenly Days” by Rose Windows.

7 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 138.5: The Will to Cognitively Rule the World (with Branko Malić)”

  1. Beautiful discussion.

    My main concern is that we not throw the baby out with the bath water when trying form an understanding of our lives. There is a balance to be struck between a more credible but constrained academic approach, and more speculative but freer personal conjectures, based on half glimpsed elements of power. There are kinds of evidence that can be admitted in the latter but not the former, which are nevertheless true.

    For example, I wonder what Mr Malic would make of Ann Diamond’s work?

    • I wonder… I think he might allow the value of personal experience, as he does in our talk, being the key factor that distinguishes Ann Diamond’s work from speculators engaged in the spectator sport of C-theory.

  2. Great nuance you guys hammered out between illuminati micro event managing and engineered conditions designed to encourage but not guarantee certain attitudes , positions and ultimately outcomes .

  3. I’ve immersed myself in Holocaust revisionism for some years and was prepared to revise some of my opinions about the alt. media and “conspiratainment” until Branco Malic´started in with his condescending story about his streetwise friend who listens to people who “count bricks at Auschwitz”in the Internet after work. I’ve done primary research in Romania and the National Archives at Kew Gardens trying to sort the facts from the fiction out. I happened to be in Sarajevo the day the Dayton Peace Acord between MIlsosovic and Clinton was announced on Dec, 14. 1995 so understand where some of Mr. Malic’s opinions are coming from. There has been something of a breakthrough in Holocaust denial recently. Since l985 it has been focused on chemistry, concentration camp forensics and of course deconstructing eyewitness accounts. The corner that was turned was the examination of evidence for the Holocaust being a sophisticated psychological warfare operation conducted by Allied intelligence agencies in collusion with Jewish charities (NGOs) and the media of the day, especially film. There is a growing body of denial literature (banned last year from being sold on-line at USA), but among those volumes has never never been one that addressed the intelligence angle. For your “conspiratainment” let me present a paper by Andy Ritchie examining this subject in some detail for the first time since the 1976 publication of Arthur Butz’s THE HOAX OF THE 20th CENTURY, considered the ur text of this movement. “Britain’s Rumour Factory – a new essay on the origins of the gas chamber story.” I think Branco Malic’ waded in over his head when he dismissed “counting Auschwitz bricks” as a first step down a slippery slope away from the truth towards anti-Semitism, or Satanic fascism, or whatever. I have no grounding in philosophy so can’t comment cogently on anything else I heard. I appreciate Mr. Malic’s analysis of the, but I think he’s wrong about revisionism. The Holocaust is a new global secular religion whose heretics are being jailed and tortured as we speak. He seems willfulling ignorant of who is behind this academic Bolshevism and what’s at stake. BTW the conversation was stimulating and the musical interludes were superb.


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