The Liminalist # 139: The Land of the Wounded Father (with James Howard Kunstler)

Return conversation with James Howard Kunstler, on the wounded masculine, Transparent, messaging TV shows, the land of the wounded father, Psycho, Bates USA, the ideal family, whatever happened to Mr. Bates?, Ed Gein, Mind Hunters, the inception of profiling, Edward Kemper & matricide, possession by the mother’s psyche, the theme of the domineering mother in horror, Jim’s mother, a classic New York narcissist, the ineffective class, changes in the work place, equality leading to hysteria, divide and conquer among the sexes, erased boundaries, Harvey Weinstein & Hollywood, Louise C.K., Senator Franken’s faux-pas, Roy Moore, using sexual weakness to control politicians, socialization & libido suppression, the power that women have, biological triggers, a picture cut in half, disempowered men, James Damore & Google diversity training, Damore’s memo, a feed lot for steers, the industrial adventure, robot citizens, Jim’s trip to Dubai, the world capital of unreality, the encroaching spell of unreality, a mutating value set, entering the lexicon, a shattered consensus, failures in reality-testing systems, New York Times the newspaper of record, the death of the press, the extinction of foreign correspondents,  turning to the panel, a wave-form in history, floundering in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, a world we can’t interpret, sticking to the narrative, a sea of effects, a Gnostic impulse to change human nature, psy-ops, the superiority of the homosexual, the political left’s disappointment in their programs, finding outgroups to champion, the campaign for gay marriage, the triumphalism of transgender, the goal of total disembodiment, an anti-life ideology, the narcissistic desire to change the world,  the liberalist riding crop of coercion, crackpot academic circles, preoccupied with power, the domain of the right, Roy Moore’s campaign for the senate, the magnet pole of irrationality, Christian values, the need for a frame of reference, the cost of dishonest economics.

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Songs:  “Indian Summer” and “Pleasure to Burn” by Rose Windows.

12 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 139: The Land of the Wounded Father (with James Howard Kunstler)”

  1. Great image of JHK as the serpent in the garden of Eden , which is the appropriate metaphor for the satanic relativists of the post structuralist cadres. Found myself wondering wether the alt right has roared into action as a response to the relativists storming the barricades and occupying the fortress of unreason , which has traditionally been theirs alone. Their snarling derision of the “cuckservatives” who are , ahem , you , me and JhK .

    Keep up the Lords work at this time of the birth of our saviour , even though i am not religious either , but have found myself reading a lot about Islam , who are gaining my sympathies as neo liberal imperial relativism repeatedly attacks and expresses its desire to wipe them out as one of the last obstacles to unfettered automated wholesale global conspicuous consumption .

    • I thought a cuckservative was someone who feigned conservative values, but under pressure would give them up. In other words someone who is basically unprincipled.

      The truth is the average America citizen is in deep shit, and that is why these divisions and unrealities are breaking out.

      What has been happening in America, politically, morally and technologically, since the second world war, is so distant now from the comprehension of the ordinary citizen, that superstition has taken over as a means of comprehending the gap.

      Of course, this predicament is not reserved only for Americans within the Western world, but it their culture and history of violence accentuates these dangers for them.

  2. If true, that humans have changed little, certainly since attaining agriculture. We have repeated our same offenses continuously. What matters it that we are screwing up so completely now? What entity is to care if we no longer exist? The earth will abide no matter what our fate. I do not want my children and 3 grandchildren to suffer in the coming storms, but there is little that I can do, save tell them of what I know to help them survive. Have they listened, or has the siren call of religion of progress enthralled them?
    I won’t know unless I am still around as the current system truly implodes. We have barely begun that chapter, and I may not live long enough to receive the full brunt of changes.

    • You could teach your granchildren how to grow food, and esspecially food trees. walla!! Thats a whole hell of a lot of “to do” for them.

  3. To hear JHK downplay Harvey Weinstein’s boorish and disgusting behavior by cherry-picking one incident is totally disingenuous on his part. Jim, we’re not talking about one incident, but a preponderance of evidence over many years. What, exactly is your point in trying to use that one example? To prove that “the little lady wanted it?” And I don’t buy for one minute that because men and women haven’t worked together that they can’t, by extension, learn to do just that. Understand that the #MeToo movement is not about dating or asking someone out or flirting, it is about men in power using that power to dominate and destroy women. Is there some overshoot? Sure. But the pendulum will return to center at some point. And Jim, while I’ve read your stuff for 20+ years, I think it’s far to assume that, other than your early writing gigs, you’ve never endured the pressure that many women feel inside organizations. big and small.

      • Understood. I just wanted to make my thoughts known. Thanks for taking the time to talk to him. No matter how I agree or disagree with JHK, he has a keen mind and I always enjoy engaging with him.

        • Im not sure he was justifying anyones behavior, or implying that women and men can not work together as gentlemen and ladies. In fact i remember him clearly stating that he was not. He was pointing out that human relations are complex. That to understand any issue, you godda breech the shores of your own cofort zone, yeah? Take it all in.

          • Agreed. What Jim and I were agreeing on is that there is shared responsibility and culpability across the sexual spectrum. Women who want to play the victim card while insisting on equality are practicing opportunistic dishonesty, just as are women who dress provocatively and then complain about sexism when men hit on them.

  4. Every conversation you’ve had with James was excellent and this one is no exception. I hope he becomes a regular (say, quarterly) guest on the Liminalist. (The same wish goes for JM Greer.) Merry Christmas!


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