The Liminalist # 143: Lucifer’s Ladder (Chronicles of a False Awakening, Part 3)

“Chronicles of a False Awakening,” part 3, on ceaseless pressure, Charles Upton’s System of Antichrist, intensity as the only measure in occultism, psychic and spiritual planes, when deterioration becomes deviation, the Lazarus experience, the Christ key, flying pyramids, Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind, the mothership, a poisoned womb, spaceships on the horizon, a Christian imprint, Neo as Antichrist, Satan as lowest octave of the God continuum, the Lucifer ladder, arrival at the upperworld, introducing Mark Lawn, a true Wang-boy, a military operation, Strieber’s The Key as disinformation, kundalini & health, salvia divinorum & mother-possession, a dangerous game, shamantics, heroin whores, letting the demons down, turning a life into a performance, the id monster unleashed, faking it to make it, waking the lucid crew, accelerating the program, urban shaman, a new suit, becoming the One, Mike LaBurt, feeding the feeling, what freedom looks like, getting psyched up for battle, putting aside the kid gloves, madness as freedom, the spirit of antichrist, a hunger to be validated, a loving response, serving the collective, the first day, smoking out Posy, alternate reality perception, leaving a mark, Posy’s death.

Accompanying essay: Dead Souls & Live Poets: Chronicles of a False Awakening, Part 3

Songs:  “Blind” and “Hirami” by Rose Windows; “The Stories We Tell Ourselves” by The Womb.

4 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 143: Lucifer’s Ladder (Chronicles of a False Awakening, Part 3)”

  1. I see too that we can engage each other in constructive conflict….to provoke each other without violence, cruelty, fear or emotional force…..because of the universal trauma/blindness, bringing what is not christ, not antichrist, but ourselves forward….is met with conflict on all sides…we are all individual institutions for nay and yay……because the capacity of love is not yet substantiated in the collective body…..l… unmix all of this is as you have said an act of cooperation…..and at times refusal to cooperate….mirrors yes and also more and more capable of real reflection….because the objects shown remake the mirror

  2. Hi Jasun, have been wondering for a while how you find all the music for your podcasts. You pick a lot of nice tunes and I can’t help but think that you should at least consider starting an internet radio show. Mostly music but interspersed with some commentary.

  3. Dear Jasun,

    I am sending you a lecture via youtube by Alan Watts on the subject of Carl Jung ( re:Branco interview) but also includes very insightful material on the” duality” and such that seems to be a running theme recently. Alan Watts definitely had a handle on this whole game of life- I hope you will glean some relevance. Happy to know you are still following your bliss with writing/podcasting.

    Be well


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