The Liminalist # 144: The Sadness of a Fallen Angel (The Judgment of Jake, COAFA # 4)

Part four of “Chronicles of a False Awakening,” opening or closing to humanity, the moral of Jake’s story, the sadness of a fallen angel, archetypal language, the degradation of the metaphysical tradition, Unity denied, the judgment of Jake, seeking Trinity, Sebastian’s crucifixion, among the chimera, an archetypal dyad, managing annihilation anxiety, meeting Ram Dass, psychic vomit, Tyler Durden and Jack, a lawful kind of hubris, rejecting the vengeful God, getting into character, the natural impulse of love, a bringer of light, head to head with Mike, directing Satan, a crisis of confidence, many Ones, losing the plot, being possessed by God, God or counterfeit, Christ in Hades.

King Kill 34 (Chronicles of a False Awakening Part 4, accompanying blog post)

Songs: “Waltz for Zacaria” by Cholate; “Noise Problems”  by Scout Niblett; “Versipelllis” by The Underscore Orkestra; “The Stories We Tell Ourselves” by The Womb

12 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 144: The Sadness of a Fallen Angel (The Judgment of Jake, COAFA # 4)”

  1. You sound stoned in the recordings from December 2001. If I may be so bold as to ask what drug(s) had you taken when you were having these experiences channelling Lucifer? What is/are your preferred psychoactive substances for exploring the realms and inducing the experiences you are reflecting back on in this podcast ? I met your brother one evening in The Colony Rooms in Soho, London. If you’ll recall they weren’t very large and he and his entourage took up half the available table space. Having read about the Colony Rooms in various reminiscences of Bohemian London I was a bit underwhelmed when I finally got taken there by a member. But I was very impressed with Sebastian whom I was forced by space constraints to sit beside. You may be interested to know, too, that I spent an afternoon with Francis King, author of Sexuality, Magic and Perversion (he introduced himself to me in the Atlantis Bookshop IIRC) on my way to India in l972 where I ended up in with Baba Ram Dass and his entourage who would have taken up half the table space in The Colony Rooms, too, if they had been levitating and lollygagging in there instead of on the veranda of in a low budget hippy hotel overlooking Lake Nanital.

    • No drugs. I had been off all mind-altering substances since summer of the previous year, and stayed off them for the entirety of the period described.

      I think you mentioned your visit to CR before? It sounds familiar.

  2. This series of podcasts is what I have been waiting for from you Jasun. You have been alluding to this period constantly, so many hints of having been there: Crowley, drugs etc… in previous podcasts. It takes guts to try and show that past. But maybe its necessary to decode a lot of your work. Maybe you realized you have been teasing us for a long time and as you are having thoughts of wrapping it up you decided to go out with a bang? For years I thought those notes of my ‘that’ life would be of use, but I have burned them and dedicated myself to non-creation. Why should I do it when you do it better!

    Would you say Jake seems to be less ‘Spectrum’ than Jason?

    • than Jasun? (I was also “doing” Jason Wynd back then)

      It’s good to hear this, as it makes good sense and gives an extra dimension to my need/desire to reveal the man behind the curtain in my own past, not just as a cautionary example but to help others to identify this viral strain as it continues to live in & through my current output.

      Jake was certainly less himself, less autonomous, and less auticultured, than Jasun!

  3. Yeah i listened to the first one and was quite repelled by the central character , cant quite bring myself to the others , despite being a huge fan normally
    It just feels like me lying under a metaphorical glass table face up in my gimp suit while you squat over me and take a huge psychic dump
    An undesirable transference

  4. Yes you are quite right , in my repulsion there is undoubtedly sympatico .
    Both these things could be going on though , in that sense , the podcasts are highly psychically charged .
    The psychic poo dumper is a shadow reflection , on the other side of that , Jasun H , a good man , and by his own admirable admission , just a man .
    BTW , i havent embraced Dark Oasis either , i felt similarly repulsed , thinking it was too much just personal projection onto The Rooter for my liking , there again , my own fandom issues perhaps .
    I have no such reservations about Occult Yorkshire , oddly enough , perhaps because it is broader in scope and triggers me less regarding any secret attachments i may be harbouring to Club Horsley .
    Good stuff mate

  5. Ok i have moved past my own internal resistance and gone on to buy a copy of Dark Oasis, which shall henceforth sit proudly on my ‘ parapolitics parapsychology’ shelf along with a host of other authors i would never even have known about should these podcasts never have been created ..

    Thanks mate . Preparata is a very intriguing fellow isnt he
    What a morass postmodernity is proving to be
    I guess keeping such a psychic overlay or chimaera in place requires many reliable footsoldiers performing regular repetitive ritual work, hence the existence of the trafficking and abuse groups
    Truly the system of Anti Christ , given many of them are frocked priests , kind of like the assassins pretending to be Muslims mentioned by Dr Livingstone


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