The Liminalist # 146.5: The One I Never Was, or: How to Avoid Archetypal Possession (Chronicles of a False Awakening, Part 6)

Final part of Chronicles of a False Awakening, on taking on a demon form, God coming all the way down, Matrix Warrior, true depression, running with Keanu, the place of euphoria, disappearing daily, Charles Upton on Lucifer, God’s knowledge of Himself as Other, the etiology of the ego, an impossible dream, levels of God, getting the idea of Matrix Warrior, publishing deal at Orion, Jake counts his chickens, Simon Spanton & the lap of the gods, intimations of ruin, “don’t change anything,” Jordan Peterson’s story, a messianic figure, channeling Kek, the carrier of divine virus, how best to avoid archetypal possession, the grip of the gods, Terry Gilliam & the Wachowskis, success city here we come, contemplation & expression of truth, post-fiction existence.

The Matrix Didn’t Want Me (Accompanying Blog Post)

Songs:  “Amertume,” by My Jacket is Yours; “If You Wanna” by George; “The Stories We Tell Ourselves” by The Womb.

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