The Liminalist # 146: For the Love of a Dog (Harry’s Game, Chronicles of a True Awakening Part 5)

Chronicles of a True Awakening (part 5), taking a psychic dump on my audience, a lucid crap scenario, a self-diagnosis, threads of shit, moving towards truth, why people take to religion, an external structure, summoning Lucifer, the danger of sacrifice, power of the fool, spiritual suicide, Satan’s well-earned reputation, Jake’s psychotic naiveté, alien minerals inside a meteorite, organized abuse, organized religion, father and brother, the father’s half-life, nihilism as worship, the Promethean fire, an anti-Christian mindset, religion as cover for victimization, the only strength there is, giving the finger to the father, the epitome of godlessness, the father’s passing, the telepathic tapestry of souls, disaster strikes, Harry is struck down, a series of sacrifices, the left-hand-path, the King of the Jinn, the sacrifice of a child, a defining moment of horror, becoming Christ, a vehicle out of control, surrendering to God, a realization of powerlessness, love for the devil, running from Satan, art & pain.

Accompanying blogpost, “God’s Love in Action.”

Songs: “Isijavanje” Srce Male Rode III;  “Stjernen” by Oskar Schuster (ft Possimiste); “Cold To The Touch” by Amanita Dodola; “The Stories We Tell Ourselves” by The Womb.

4 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 146: For the Love of a Dog (Harry’s Game, Chronicles of a True Awakening Part 5)”

  1. This was very touching description of your experiences. At least it was for me. But, it also seems to reveal much of the inner turmoil and emotional pain you were feeling at the time. It seems like when people can’t identify or find suitable ways to address and ultimately heal themselves, it can lead to a lot of confusion that can truly compound suffering.

    Either way, this all could be part of a journey where we can find undeniable truths. But that doesn’t make it any less painful, lonely and heartbreaking. I state this not with a sense of despair or dread. But just as simple fact.

  2. Hey Jasun have you ever thought of having the independent film maker Caveh Zahedi on your podcast? I think you guys would prove wonderfully entertaining (and probably also enlightening).


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