The Liminalist # 150.5: A Divine Facsimile (with Nick Goudie)

Second of two-part conversation with Nick Goudie, on Christian conservatives, Nick’s conversion & baptism, Liberal Christianity, democracy vs. monarchy, Jordan Peterson & working to build a better world, social progress & Christianity, the End Times, attempts to reshape God’s creation, the virus of reform, dialectics, spiritual Darwinism, civilized barbarities, an image of God, Fabian revolutionaries, religion for the weak & stupid, the folly of fighting science with religion, embodying & talking, JBP’s divine facsimile, C. S. Lewis, psychedelics & religious experience, American pragmatism, William James, JBP’s self-authoring suite, SWEDA, early viral marketing moves with JBP, raising the right questions & raising the level of the debate, a Lutheran’s perspective on JBP, Girard & the Bible as textual system or ‘technology,” taking apart the doctrine, choosing to mimic Christ, the one choice we have, JBP’s theory of sacrifice vs. Girard’s theory, progressing towards Utopia, God, Man, & the Devil, instruments of a counterfeit, Gnosticism.

Accompanying Essay: Intolerable Ambiguity: Jordan Peterson and the Problem of Prematurely Articulated Order (2 of 2)

Outtakes from the conversation:

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Christ-incarnation in relation to the Fall; Lucifer’s assignation.

Songs: “I’m Going Insane,” by Lee Maddeford; “If Jesus Came” by Kunstler Treu; “Murder & Ballet” by Jesus & the Christians; “Jesus in Clown Shoes” by Tapeworm Collective.

1 thought on “The Liminalist # 150.5: A Divine Facsimile (with Nick Goudie)”

  1. This image ( is a visualization of the 63,779 cross references found in the Bible and it really gets me thinking.. A book – old stories, mostly, perfectly crafted over thousands (tens of thousands ?) of years by countless tellers, writers and editors.. How could it not have crazy-power.. like, how old is Genesis ? Yeah, yeah, I know, Jews, but where did they hear it ? And what does it meeeeeean, man ?

    .. and some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became legend. Legend became myth. And for two and a half thousand years, the Christ passed out of all knowledge..

    Anyway, where was I ? Imagine if Tolkien had a thousand years to write about Middle-Earth. And then a group of guys went around saying, “Hey, read this or you’re in big trouble.” He was well on his way to creating something just as powerful as the Bible without all the.. converting.

    Again guys, very enjoyable chat and on a personal note, I’m currently on team, “Christ is an objective universal force that exists independently of churches and creeds.” – “a humanesque wire wrap figure made of blue-white fire that only makes the correct choice” – or something like that.


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