The Liminalist # 45: Seeking the Transmission (with John Maguire & Misty Greer)


Post-Vancouver-workshop, face-to-face conversation with John Maguire & Misty Greer, on the workshop, meditative foreplay, conditioning the space, unintentional ritual magic, beware the toad, acknowledging social anxiety, dissolving intimacy, the practice of navigating queasiness, levels of awareness, naked intimacy of strangeness, the suffering spectrum, gauging levels of engagement, keeping the safe space, the danger of turning experience into artifact, breaking the surface tension, inner process as art, busting the delusion of being a butterfly, the value of delusion, art as product vs. art as process, dissolving delusion in therapy, unconditional exposure, no more shadows, the philosophy of not caring what others think, united by trauma, the way to intimacy, trust-building, the circle of empathy, animal slaughter and the chaos of the world, the art and science of self-exploration, egalitarian spirituality, group psychology, what is science and what is not science, the thing of value, the soul is not quantifiable, the unconscious and the soul, the technology of the spirit, the alternative to knowledge, knowledge as excreta, time as a snakeskin, seeking hierarchy and finding none, the boss of the universe, Dave Oshana and the Enlightenment Transmission, from ET to BS, “What is Embodiment?” series, the signal from the source, Saturn as local boss, the questionable value of artistic deception, Whitley’s aliens, the evidence of the transmission, why there’ no such thing as a lightworker, how to surrender, the transmission echo effect, strengthening the signal, the problem with Nietzsche, surrendering to syphilis, the way through, relinquishing the need for control, medium and message, purity and impurity, moving towards the pure, being in the flow, bringing the response all the way inward.

Songs: “El Mariachi”  and “Monkey Said,” by The Freak Fandango Orchestra; “Through the Lens,” Living on the Wind,” by Andy G. Cohen.

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