The Liminalist # 62.5: Ancestral Hosts (with Gary Heidt)


Part two of return conversation with Gary Heidt, on the thesis of Prisoner of infinity, Marvel comics as formative fictions, empowerment through trauma, social engineering via image-inception, Man of Steel & Superman as a weapon of mass destruction, MKULTRA movies and self-empowerment fantasies, the limits of expansion, turning nature into junk, reinforcing the hierarchy, the natural cycles of growth vs. capitalism, ancestral lineages, the secret history of Carl Jung, ritual abuse, using children as ancestral hosts, Saturn & parenting, Carlos Castaneda and the sorcerer’s view of procreation, passing down fortunes, incarnating one’s own grandfather, the Prussian dynasty & Dune,  Frederic the Great, misery as power, Parsifal’s amnesia, Nazism as outgrowth of Prussian empire, the CIA & the underground 4th Reich, Strieber’s visitors intertwined with the dead, the psyche is what there is, the alphabet and the bones of the ancestors, compartmentalization of awareness, the banishing ritual of the pentagram, rationalist retardation limiting thought to language, the self-limiting narrative, the correct ratio between the senses, staving off integration/fear of annihilation, the cultural elite’s connection to their ancestors vs. common folk’s disconnect, a history of sexual preferences sexual blindness between generations, the element of shame, do dogs feel shame?, sexual violence & hazing rituals, how oil companies hire football stars, power-based sodomizing, Columbia and institutional rape, how to hijack autonomy through sexual abuse the original trauma narrative, Baal worship, before monotheism, superhuman beings in the Bible, how Yahweh usurped the narrative, worshipping the fragment, language and the “I am,” the logic behind all hierarchy, democratic approval of torture the long odds in the US.

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Songs: “El Mariachi” & Monkey Said” ” by The Freak Fandango Orchestra; “Gone,” by Gary Heidt.

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  1. Kutamun
    Posted April 20, 2016 at 11:29 pm | Permalink

    Yeah loving this discussion about how the ratio of senses contributes to the wholeness or lack thereof of psychic wholeness
    Important to remember though , that substituting ” psyche ” for gods , demons , ancestral spirits is still just swapping one abstraction for another .
    Suddenly reminded of ” Pans Labyrinth ” and the Faun with eyes on its hands , like the Graea myth
    This is from Mcluhans ” the medium is the message”.

    “The dominant organ of sensory and social orienta-tion in pre-alphabet societies was the ear— “hearing was believing.” The phonetic alphabet forced the magic world of the ear to yield to the neutral world of the eye. Man was given an eye for an ear.

    Western history was shaped for some three thou-sand years by the introduction of the phonetic alephbet, a medium that depends solely on the eye for comprehension. The alphabet is a construct of fragmented bits and parts which have no semantic meaning in themselves, and which must be strung together in a line, bead-like, and in a prescribed order. Its use fostered and encouraged the habit of perceiving all environment in visual and spatial terms—particularly in terms of a space and of a time that are uniform,”

    The eye—it cannot choose but see; we cannot bid the ear be still; our bodies feel, where’er they be, against or with our will.” —Wordsworth

    • Lcy
      Posted April 22, 2016 at 12:43 am | Permalink

      And googling five chinese elements suggests that wood´s eye will give birth to fire´s tongue!

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