The Liminalist # 68.5: Original Junk (The Crowley Edifice; with Nalyd Khezr Bey)


Part two of conversation with Nalyd Khezr Bey, on oneiric sorcery & the sleep feasting ritual, summoning aliens, automatic writing, a model agnostic, Whitley Strieber & the perpetuation of fragmentation, entities & fragments, Aleister Crowley, the Holy Guardian Angel, and divine dictation, NKB’s facing mirrors ritual, summoning voices, the original junk of language, dialoguing with the deep, crossing the abyss, the results of magick, evoking Saturn, making one’s life magical, NKB’s Mess Age, creating an online persona, the 3 aspects of Jasun, disagreeable dialogues, questioning Crowley, the allure of forbidden ideas, false-validating occultism, expanding the horizons of the mind, blanket acceptance, necessary errors, sorting the seeds of influence, occultism and child sexual abuse, defending Crowley, the Crowley joke, Kinsey’s pedophile research, the sanctification of Crowley, Crowley’s influence, accountability & the inclination to keep silence, the responsibility of influence, the price of having a teacher, what this podcast is, the absence of teaching, the unconscious desire for followers, the power of George Lucas’ unconscious, Robert Anton Wilson’s influence, F for Fake, pedophiles among us.

Songs: “Love is All Around” (Troggs cover) by David Stephenson;  “After You” by My Bubba and Mi; “Fire” by Nate Maingard; “Monkey Said” by The Freak Fandango Orchestra

6 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 68.5: Original Junk (The Crowley Edifice; with Nalyd Khezr Bey)”

  1. Nalyd,

    I had a version of your “sleep festival” that I called “lobernation”; except it didn’t involve any writing.

    Its the stage before hibernation and functions as an efficiency pump when you don’t have any money or any place to live. You basically engage in all the activities of sleep without really going to sleep.

    It reminds me of what cats are doing when then have that “meat loaf” posture where they sit there like a sphinx; but fold their front paws under under their chest and wrap their tales along the length of their body so they could fit in a meat loaf pan.

    • What you describe doesn’t sound like what I was doing. If you want to compare you can see the full rite I engaged in here –

      Originally I found that as a document on the old version of the Black Moon Archives website but it doesn’t seem to be included on the new site. Of course I modified some of the details of the original to fit my own needs at the time and I stoppec after three weeks.

      • LOL.

        Dude you take me way too seriously. Of course thats not what you were doing. Im just pretending my raggedy life is meaningful by giving my bitter personal experiences cool names and trying to rationalize some nobility out of them.

        But thanks for the link, I will check it out.

        Funeral homes should allow the homeless to sleep in their empty caskets.

  2. I was glad to hear this conversation take place. I thought about suggesting NKB as a guest on the podcast back when you guys were having it out on the Kubricon forum. I found it challenging to participate on the forum mostly due to my tendency to overthink everything I wrote. Thanks for keeping up the podcasts and continuing to make public your own personal investigations. Its been a valuable tool for me in re-forming a lot of my own thought processes and beliefs, particularly around trauma.

    • Ah yes overthinking! What does the body want to say? Mostly nothing, perhaps, except merci beaucoup, je t’aime, au revoir….

      Happy the public inquiry’s been of some use (or “use”)….

  3. Excellent talk, I appreciated the opposing but very grounded thoughts on the subject of occultism here. Before I found your podcasts I was on the verge of diving straight into magical material, and even though I still will at some point, these conversations will go a long way to ground me in this research.

    I’ve just hopped off the political conspiracy/”christianized” conspiracy worldview train about a year ago (I never was a christian or any religion, but did notice the bill cooper perspective colouring my thoughts on these subjects pretty heavily), so to say I appreciate what you have here would be an understatement.

    Thank you both.


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