The Liminalist # 76: The Internet Id Machine (with Gabriella Coleman)


Talking with Gabriella Coleman on Anonymous as Hive vs. Hydra, the wisdom of crowds, innate intelligence, spontaneity & play, liminality & the tricksters, moral ambiguity, the Janus face of Anon, a moral threshold, the need for liminal zones, teenage anons, the Anonymous paradox, avoiding naming, the war on Scientology & early days of Anon, Anon’s unmapped origins, the petri dish of the Internet Hate Machine, the ground of the id, spaces of id-ness, egalitarianism in 4chan, the uses of humor, why hackers are into humor, a pure expression, forms of accountability, the shadow of celebrity culture, Tom Cruise’s religion of unworkable technology, uncontained Anonymous, being OK with breaking laws, Anonymous in Latin America, distinguishing Anon from intelligence groups, intel’s concerns, sowing distrust, a moving line of ethics, government and corporations motherfuckery, the apparatus of control, seeking the point of balance between lultz and ethical action, preventing mapping, the need for secrecy, Gamergate, changing technology to prevent the next Anon, BBS and hacker underground, regulating the Internet, independent networks, self-censoring web surfers, criminalizing links, Anon’s journey from margins to mainstream, Mr. Robot & the lionization & demonization of hackers, suspicions about Snowden, politics as theater and event manipulation, distrusting the heroes we are given, Jeremy Hammond, Julian Assange update, remembering The Matrix, framing hackers as terrorists.

Songs:  “The Kommema and his Religion” and “Of the Lakes,” by SunWalker; “The First Vietnam War,” by The Black Angels.

9 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 76: The Internet Id Machine (with Gabriella Coleman)”

  1. Anonymous as “Declassification Management” and recruiting office and steam valve

    maybe this hacker stuff ties in with engrams (not of the Hubbard persuasion) and English as a high-level programming language and a sort of “nam-shub of Enki” that could be found/built

    great chat. sans moral faggotry. lulz were had
    cool echo on “puns” around 47min mark

  2. NSA collects a bunch of data (so we’re told) but having a bunch data doesn’t do squat. Snowden comes along and causes a bunch of good folks to self-censor…… so Snowden accomplished what the NSA couldn’t….. keep people from questioning the narrative. Job done.


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