The Liminalist # 75: The Devil’s Shoes (with Mitch Fraas)

Two disillusioned sorcerers look back on past follies, off the cuff chat with Mitch Fraas from January 2016, on the Grateful Dead, CIA, & LSD, creating the counterculture, the pendulum of social engineering, Burning Man, a sucker born every minute, the cosmic convergence, the Josue Arguelles let-down, audience cults, generating hope, Terence McKenna & Jan Irvin, scapegoating the messenger, a failed scapegoat mechanism, taking the Maya out of the Mayan calendar, a state of denial, the 2012 meme, Daniel Pinchbeck’s disclaimer, the lobster in the pot, the degeneration of public discourse, a cruel joke, the synchromystical mindset, end-times prophecies, waiting for the power-cut, biologically prepared for a catastrophic event, waiting for the power cut, planning for an impossible future, the transhumanist delusion, the Philadelphia experiment, using the homeless to test teleportation, the Montauk Project, going into Whitleyville, seeing through Carlos Castaneda, no gain, just pain, getting to be the sacrifice, the red pill night, beyond human comprehension, learning from ego inflation, learning from New Agers, the dead-end of sorcery, the excitement of the 2nd Matrix, waiting around to die, Hunter S. Thompson, Sebastian Horsley, & the suicide path, embracing “Hotel California,” the problem of weed, becoming Edgar Cayce, quitting heroin, weed as medicine, enslavement to plant-spirits, Ayahuasca bondage, slaves to the straight edge, addictions after death, sex & the Bardo realms, feeding ancestral fragments, being resigned to bachelorhood, the bane of fools, the power of art, el demonio & el diablo, a satanic succession drama, el diablo Inc., making work for the devil, a strategy for the trenches, San Miguel’s ascension, entering the thrift store business, the disappearing middle, community life, the shaman’s role, a collective back-turn.

Songs:  “The Kommema and his Religion” and “Of the Lakes,” by SunWalker; “You’re Going Down,” by Mitch Fraas.

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  1. RE: #75: Always good to listen to you & your guests Jason & excelent to hear you & Mitch back together reminiscing & laughing !


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