The Liminalist # 99: Sinister MacGuffins (with Tom Mellett)

First of a two-part conversation with Tom Mellett, on Peter Levenda, Arthur Young, and The Nine, Ruth Hyde Paine, New York City rapport, Levenda joins Facebook, Simon’s Necronomicon, a 40-year hoax, the UFO nutshell & the uncertainty principle, Dexter Forces, conflicting levels of reality, Schrödinger’s Cat, the non-fiction narrative, a stake in the Crowley game, 2017, year of disclosure?, the disharmonic convergence, alien abduction & child abuse, Simon Cabana, H. P. Lovecraft’s literary hoax, Levenda-as-Zelig at the OTO ritual, the MacGuffin & the UFO, 2012 hoopla, meeting Arthur Young, Hoagland’s Face on Mars, Tom Mellet’s improbable circle of friends, Nick Bryant, Strieber and the coincidence stream, two types of sinister forces.

Songs:  “The Kommema and his Religion,” by SunWalker; “Cumbia de Los Barros,” by El Hijo de la Cumbia: “Crystal Highway,” by The Pandas.

11 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 99: Sinister MacGuffins (with Tom Mellett)”

  1. please leave a link to the voice correction during the interview with “Simon” a few years back. Should be relatively simple to unmask the original voice. Still listening to the interview.

  2. Hi Jasun,

    I do like the title you chose: “Sinister MacGuffins.” Recently, I wrote to Peter and told him that I was re-christening him as Peter Moses Levenda MacGuffin, and he wrote back saying he might like to be called “Eggs MacGuffin,” for short.

    Agnes the Cat really appreciates her placement in the tableau where her trenchant awareness of the whole picture might inspire a thought bubble with the caption: “Oh what fools these mortals be.”

    I put up a link on my FB page and tagged PL, but no response so far. But on his FB page

    there is an announcement that on Feb 25 in Encinitas, CA, there will be a Q&A session and book signing. And the fearsome 3-some will be there: PL, Tom deLonge and AJ Hartley.

  3. There is a lot of energy for you surrounding Levenda , whatever he may or may not be . Seems to me he is a dandy of the parapolitics underworld who likes to crucify himself on exotic islands . Just sayin ‘
    …. a mate ….

  4. I am a first time visitor on this site; researching the ‘Nine’.
    This reeks PSYOPS all the way; part of the MKULTRA bullshit the Nazis were into.
    But we do exist in a/the ‘Multiverse’, which I see as a elaborate interactive multiphasic/multiresonant frequency expression; FORM from SOUND(number).
    So in essence they are _ucking with the underlying constructional energetic matrix; we see as (geometric) forms.
    I work in Encinitas and would love to attend the Q&A/Book signing on Feb. 26th.
    Will you be attending?
    I would love a minute of your time if that is possible.

  5. Mallets only reasoning for believing Ruth Paine had nothing to do with the Oswald conspiracy is “she was an innocent old woman, like my mother”. He claims to have met Paine in 1981 almost 20 years after the shooting. Mellet didn’t know the Paines intimately enough to know their secrets. Intelligence assets don’t spout off and blow their cover to every person that ingratiates themselves into their lives. At least you wouldn’t think so.


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