16 Maps of Hell T-Shirt Designs by Mrs. Horsley

These designs are for fund-raising T-shirts for the publication of 16 Maps of Hell campaign. If you are interested, comment below or email me, jasun [at] protonmail [dot] com with your choice of shirt(s).

The plan currently is to produce these T-shirts locally by up-cycling used T-shirts (inc. if necessary some of my own!) donated to our essential thrift store in Hope, BC (which is still open for business). T-shirts will not be in mint condition, obviously, but nor will they be stained or worn or have holes in them. There will be some choice of color but not much. Since there is no mass-production there are no wholesale prices.

On the upside, each shirt will be sui generis, one-of-a-kind, never to be repeated in all eternity. 

Also, since all profits will go towards the publication of 16 Maps of Hell, anyone who orders a T-shirt before August 8, 2020, will be added to the names of contributors to the project, & listed in the book itself (first name, last initial).

The cost of these one-off T-shirts is yet to be nailed down, but the most likely (realistic) cost will be $35 CAD, plus P & P, which is $5 for Canada, between $6 & $12 for the US (larger/heavier = more postage cost), and $12 for Europe & Australia. Add 5% for Paypal charges unless you are in the UK, which is 3%. 

Total cost of one T-shirt, inc P & P, is around $48 for the US ($34 USD), and $50 for the rest of the world (€32 or $36 USD). I will put a PP button up once I am sure about the exact price.

If we do go the local route, T-shirts will be transfer printed.

For other possible 16 Maps of Hell T-shirt images, go to 16 Maps of Hell contents page to see the artwork, or scroll down to the bottom of this page. These images have not yet been redesigned for T-shirts but if there is enough interest, they will be. If we get ten requests for a Charles Manson T-shirt, for example, my wife says she will create the design.


Possible future designs (cast your vote!):


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  1. one vote for CM & DL; you can order the Byrne shirt Monday or Tuesday once I finalize the price and get a PP button up; PP charges will make it slightly more.


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