New Interviews with Legalize Freedom, The Melt, Resistance Recovery, William Ramsey, & Hearth Stone

Conversation with Greg Moffit for his new series Freedom from Fear


Two excerpts from upcoming conversation with Chris Snipes for The Melt Podcast. I was especially happy with how this one came out and for this reason made a couple of excerpts for my own channel. The full thing will be out Oct 2nd.


For this one with Bill Ramsey, I was a bit too “in my head” so I set it to start at 49 mins, which is roughly how long it took me to settle and start expressing in a less frenetic and more body-centered way:

Last up, a conversation I had with Louisa Watt for Hearth Stone, partner of my frequent Liminalist guest Louis Proud. There was a section in the middle I felt was too meandering so I’ve made my own edits:

The not-quite full (some non-PC comments on social engineering around homosexuality excised) conversation, without the visual but with sound level adjusted by Louisa:

3 thoughts on “New Interviews with Legalize Freedom, The Melt, Resistance Recovery, William Ramsey, & Hearth Stone”

  1. Legalize Freedom. ya, We believe what is in our heads. Why? I suppose that for the majority of people, it’s much easier and less painful than thinking, than asking questions, than investigating, than trying to understand, than revealing to others that they don’t know what is going on.
    I read a book years ago now called A Severe Mercy. About a couple who traveled the world, who agreed to only read what the other read, or learn to do what the other learned to do. They believed that their love and their relationship was the most important aspect of their lives together. And then the wife became ill, very ill and died after a losing battle with liver failure. The deep abiding grief of losing his wife rendered him unable to function in the world as he had before.
    After wandering in circles for some time he came to realize that he had in fact lived a stunted life with the love of his life. He had missed something. Upon this realization he proclaimed loudly that God had taken her for a reason and that his railing against God for some time finally gave way to the truth, that it was a gift, a severe mercy. He began to live a new more vibrant life than he had before.
    This Plandemic, as I am noticing more and more is producing a similar effect. I’m meeting people who are actually thrilled to throw off their old selves to establish themselves as new agents who are fearless, uncompromising and free. They are discovering characteristics they did not know they possessed. Some of these courageous souls are my new friends.
    Indomitable spirits thrive; an unintended consequence of the domination of the Global elite.


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