The Liminalist # 259: Waiting for the Sun (with Martin Jolly)

Return conversation with Martin Jolly

Part One: When Inner Meets Outer (0 – 30 mins)

Editing the bullshit, the last podcast, language and the mind, being in Nature, interest in body vs interest in mind, waiting for the sun, the overlap between inner and outer, drawing from imagination vs drawing from life, the universal offering, the possibilities of writing nonfiction, different guests on The Liminalist, Dave Oshana’s changing expressions.

Part Two: The Defeat of Language (30 mins – 1 hr 6 mins)

Evolving podcast, opportunities for new experience, informed by nature, 16 Maps of Hell, books as openings, the problem of Alex Jones, signalling over a gulf, sending out tendrils, indirect methods of induction, the body’s waves, retreating to the false inner, psychedelics, getting to the bedrock, nodes of consciousness, CS Lewis’ That Hideous Strength, grand metaphysical visions, Rudolph Steiner, the finality of the infinite, being forged by God, the scaffolding of concepts, a sense of time, a deeper sensation, defeating the mind, an artist’s optical tools.

Part Three: Connecting to the Sun (1 hr 6 – 1 hr 33 mins)

A subtle distinction, the spiritual con, a sense of waiting, learning to relax, Charles Upton, the value of orthodox religion, time in the hearth, delivery of the essential life, a lifetime of derealization, the poor man’s time, finding faith, connecting to the sun, the earthly counterpoint, a fixation on verticality, the advent of manned flight, the meaning of skeletons, traveling into space, transhumanism & the sense of inner material potential, trapped on the earth, watching the earth die.

Part Four: In the Care of Angels (1 hr 33 mins – 2 hrs 7 mins)

The fundamental error, surviving free will, C S Lewis’ cosmology, God’s law, when archangels respond, the path of error & appreciation, desensitizing the body, moral sensitivity, little angels, connecting to child selves, the first seven years, how memory is stored, a lost treasure, accessing life force, a gap in the identity, nightmares of enumeration, the penetration of language, the energy of a separation.

Part Five: A Shift of Allegiance (2 hrs 7 mins – end)

A universal template for despair, a collision between sensation & mind, a never-ending array of categories, discussing entities, counting angels on pinheads, the oppression of the soul’s experience, breathing other people’s farts, becoming doormats, Dave Oshana’s boundaries, a shift in allegiance, the horror of identity, the true purpose of the narrator, the destruction of an abstraction, conspiratainment, QAnon & recasting oneself in history, the appeal of Alex Jones.

Podcast artwork by Martin Jolly

Songs: “Pirates” by Entertainment for the Braindead; “Providence” by Big Blood; “Energy Hunters Unicorn Hard-on Mystic Materials Refuck” by Foot Village; “Changes” by Short Hand.

4 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 259: Waiting for the Sun (with Martin Jolly)”

  1. going to hear this later. I’ve been reading both CS Lewis and Philip K Dick over the year – both their work calls out to me recently for some reason.

    • also…that stuff you said about life force from childhood memories has struck me. I feel like maybe that’s why nostalgia, video games, toy collecting etc is so big now. Cause there’s not enough of that energy around so we’re all chasing it?

  2. Very soothing, love your conversations… Orienting towards a way of being (e.g. faith that what “needs to happen”, will (the thing you were struggling to remember in the middle of the conversation was something to do with faith i think) and being receptive) as opposed to a way of thinking — the limits to language… appreciate the image of the scaffolding beliefs/concepts that can be taken down once when receives the transmission… pass it on, giving and receiving…

  3. Following on, perhaps, from the notion of one’s soul being “forged” briefly mentioned here (…which has a nice echo with the lyrics in the Short Hand song now i think of it…) – I’d be interested to hear you two’s take on the (new age) notion that one can discover their “true purpose” or that we are being “called” to do certain things (or perhaps just one thing?)… clearly it is a notion ripe for dissociative folly — But is there a seed of truth there that can germinate in favourable conditions?(dissolving/scarification of the seed coat (frontage of the scaffolding rigs…)


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