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This is not a blogpost but an update for subscribers.

Yesterday’s Live Liminalist Meet-Up on YouTube was the most well-attended and, judging by early feedback, the most popular so far. It was described by one viewer-listener as “positively glowing. Best free-form ‘podcast’ in the almost 10 years I’ve been watching this Truman Show.”

You can watch the replay here: 

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The event continued on Zoom where we had a lively interactive of 10 participants, most of whom joined in the conversation at one point or another. Subjects included the psychic & the spiritual, what dreams mean, language & culture, the power and purpose of prayer, belief & knowledge, & speaking from the heart.

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In related news, Dave Oshana is still working out how to navigate the second matrix of the spiritual marketplace without succumbing to the many temptations of it (simplification, conceptualization, self-commodification). Though I make no claims to enlightenment, this is a problem I share with Dave. How DO we make ourselves available to others in a way that is remunerative (practically viable) and at the same time open, simple, honest, and straight-forward? How do souls connect within the monetary, mind-based matrix?

This directly overlaps with my ongoing attempts to dissolve the illusory division between performer & audience, retailer & customer, analyst and analysand, soul & collective, and to generate financial income from soulful engagement that benefits both parties equally. Paradoxically, this often begins with putting a price tag on what is priceless and inherently free for all (“the Transmission”, community, loving engagement with life)! Either that, or depending wholly on the kindness (and solvency) of strangers.

We are all endlessly circling this square~- but when will the circle be squared? Are you curious? I know I am. You can find out more about what Dave is offering & asking here: 

How Can I Serve You Best?

On a minor technical note, I will be reversing my regular schedule for podcasts and blogposts so that blogposts will be appearing on Wednesdays and the podcast is back to its old Saturday slot. Because of this there will be a small delay on the next “episodes.” 

Lastly, Benjamin Boyce just posted this video excerpt of our conversation at his YT channel.

There are some good comments below the video so far, including these;

“This may be my favorite interview you’ve done so far (that I’ve seen)” [to BB]… S&M re-enactment of trauma- now that’s got some profound implications.”

“How have I not found this guy yet?”

And (the response): “I’ve known about him for around 5 years now…he is willing to entertain and integrate the reality of more fringe topics than the average Boyce audience-member is familiar with, I’d say, but you’d struggle to find a more nuanced and honest thinker than Jasun.”

2 thoughts on “New Videos, Links, Latest News”

  1. Hi Jasun,
    Become a bigger force and go slaughter all the evil forces is not the answer, obviously.

    You are powerless over people places & things, accept the knowledge you have obtained and let go of it.

    Look at what you do, be and see each day and correct what’s not good in it.
    Believe in a power greater than you and keep it simple.

    Warm regards EF.
    With spelling mistake corrected J

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