The Liminalist # 182: The Great Heartbreak of This World (with Anonymous Italian)

Very special return conversation with Anonymous Italian, on reading Prisoner of Infinity, organized abuse, demon traps and Jesus prayers.

Full notes got eaten up by malevolent AI – if anyone wants to submit some I will post here. Thanks!

Songs: “Slouching Towards Bremen” by Geoff Berner; Michael Chapman, “Memphis in Winter”; Marwood Williams, “I Can Take You There”“These Words Are Yours,” by Hazelwood Motel



6 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 182: The Great Heartbreak of This World (with Anonymous Italian)”

  1. A serious “thanks” to A.I. for laying it all out there. Powerful stuff. “Wicked” familiar dialect. 😉

    Great to get a little recapitulation of POI before VOK arrives in the post. I think I have to say “post” because it’s on the way from the UK.

  2. Very interesting. I’ve only ever spoken to one person about seeing small greys. I don’t know if I was implanted by something. I haven’t thought much about it as it no longer impacts my life.

  3. Mr Italian comes across to me like my older brother, though as if in a hazy recollection after I’ve woken from a dream…as if my actual brother was able to recognize and start encountering his past trauma to become healthily communal…and as if he could be comfortable in saying or hearing ‘Jesus Christ’ out loud, which my brother is truly unable to do.

    Prayer has been a life giving grace, though subtly and more faithfully over the past two years, which I once scoffed at.

    • Also Jasun-
      I gifted my brother a copy of Paper Tiger when we met a few days ago for a family gathering.
      He was resistant to reading it, similar to the subject in this podcast about people waiting or avoiding reading POI, seeming to unconsciously understand the weight of what might entail thereafter. However, I was able to find a space near the end of our being together to encourage him.

  4. The responses to the talk Jasun and I had were very heartening to read. Thank you.



    Your youtube talk was thought provoking to say the least. Once again, I’m amazed by the absolute honesty


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