Straw Dogs & HEF-alumps in the End Times (the Sorcerers’ Revelation Revisited)

Tao Te Ching (Soul is the Way) by Lao Tse (Verse 5)


Heaven and earth are impartial;

they see the 10,000 things as straw dogs.

The sage is not sentimental;

he treats all his people as straw dogs.

The sage is like heaven and earth:

To him none are especially dear,

nor is there anyone he disfavors.

He gives and gives, without condition,

offering his treasures to everyone.

Between heaven and earth

is a space like a bellows;

empty and inexhaustible,

the more it is used, the more it produces.

Hold on to the center.

Man was made to sit quietly and find

                       the truth within.


Podcast music by Federale. Special guest, Neil Kramer.

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10 thoughts on “Straw Dogs & HEF-alumps in the End Times (the Sorcerers’ Revelation Revisited)”

  1. One of my favorite passages from the sacred book. Just curious, how would you define straw dogs? This is an expression I hear all the time, but really have no context for it.

    • oh thanks for the reminder, I meant to add something about what straw dogs refer to; maybe over the playwall we can talk about it? 😉

  2. Wonderful podcast powerful expansive ideas, more self busting aids thank you Jasun. And thank you Neil. Strong gratitude. Another of your conversations with Neil introduced me to you 6 years ago. Both of you have helped me immeasurably in this powerful transformational moment in time. Thanks

  3. Thank you Jasun and Neil.
    The questions and answers gave me cause to pause and think about how I might answer them, on the spot.
    The point of religion? To keep us from God.
    The difference between children and adults? Very little. When pushed, they almost always rage.
    Multiple personalities? Though not one of the questions, Disowned selves who want only to be recognized and treated with kindness.
    Lots to ponder here, than you.

  4. “What if some people out there in the world are not like us?” This resonated with me so, so much. It reminds me of an interview I did with Neil Kramer many years ago, talking about tulpas and thoughtforms and what if there are only a few of us? I felt a bit uncomfortable with that at the time as in ‘Who am I to think I might be more real than the thousands of people around me?’ If there is substance to it, it would make sense of so many things.

  5. Thanks- don’t get much time to sit and listen these days- was nice to revisit that. Very thought provoking. I liked thinking about the Tulpas as our disowned stuff babies. Was a nice accompaniment to a removals drive down a stormy M6.


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