The Liminalist # 287: Men Talking About Women (the implications of intimacy)

No show notes this week’s, got lost in translation, the title says it all, this is a rare glimpse into the more intimate spaces of the Tuesday Guy Dance meet, with Luke Dodson, Martin Jolly, Hugo D., and Soma Seb, exploring the implications of intimacy, what sex is for, what men and women really want from one another, and why martial and marital are almost the same word.

Songs: “Primitive” by Joy Zipper; Other stuff by The Mekons & Federale

9 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 287: Men Talking About Women (the implications of intimacy)”

  1. Hilarious conversation fellas. Much appreciating this little joy while I do the dishes.
    Well done on publicising such a sensitive topic

  2. A recent insight I had was that it’s not only men who are subject to being consumed by the anima, but that women are prey to it also. It is a singular powerful force that has different effects on each gender.

    • Shame-free female looks to fearless male to hold fast to & keep the passion-beast(s) restrained/contained, thereby emboldening him with purpose & meaning in a positive reinforcement loop of polarized-goodness?

      Honestly, I didnt think about it hardly, just found it and it felt… just-right.

  3. Great episode here, a thousand thank you’s to all. I liked the part about sleeping together. A couple of years ago I was listening to lady recall that a guy she thought was cute asked her if she wanted to nap with him and she did, and from then on when I think of the ladies I like or find attractive my mind goes to how much I’d enjoy a nap with them. I realized recently when I fantasize about the archetype of my love it’s rarely sexual, a lot of snuggling and affection. Probably my physical inadequacies. I tend to feel inadequate, even to comment here I feel unworthy. So I should just press “Post Comment” now.

    • What a lovely comment. Totally worthy and brilliantly masculine. I recently fell asleep holding my beloved (6 months together now) and it was a real bonding experience.


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