Talking Carlos Castaneda & Cults on The Melt

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6 thoughts on “Talking Carlos Castaneda & Cults on The Melt”

  1. Very interesting meeting between you and Hunter. I think recently you mentioned that there were two or three books by Castaneda that you would still recommend. Mind refreshing my memory on that?

    • creepy avatar; I think almost all his books are pretty brilliant but as I said I cant really recommend them because they cast a spell that can prove hard to shake – bit like psychedelics, the first trips can be enlightening but they get their hooks into you and the long-term losses are largely invisible – until later.

      Journey to Ixtlan is perhaps the most benign of the books.

      • Ok. I think in a recent podcast you mentioned that Art of Dreaming still had some interesting stuff in it. I’m not into practicing magic or becoming my own god so I wouldn’t worry too much about a potential spiritual taint. I read this stuff out of an engagement with the question of ontology.


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