The Liminalist # 212: The Hollywood Hook-Worm (with The Skrauss)

Return conversation with The Skrauss, on the superculture & the Hollywood heart of darkness.

Part One: Movable Darkness (0 – 27 mins)

Jasun in the UK, the new book, the Hollywood spell, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Charles Manson, Roman Polanski, TV-programmed killers, innocents in Hollywood, David Fincher’s disinfo delivery device, Marlon Brando’s contempt, parallels between Polanski & Jeffrey Epstein, Epstein’s sex slaves, Epstein’s death, the iceberg of superculture, Polanski’s admission, Victor Frykowski & the Polish drug scene, the MDMA project, Polanski’s baby, Sydney Korshack, Robert Evans, & the Hollywood mob clique, the real bad guy, the Charles Watson murders, moving the darkness

Part Two: The Business of Superculture (27 – 57 mins)

A big show, Susan Atkins’ mob lawyers, inventing Helter Skelter, developing paranoid awareness, Sharon’s baby, researching satanism, Anton LaVey’s rumor, the Hollywood matrix, the business of superculture, predators procedure, starlets & crack whores, blow jobs for bit parts, the lure of illusion, breaking the addiction, developing conscious choice, the theater of cruelty, a dark space, Plato’s cave, a light in darkness, surrogate religion, divine intervention, the danger of self-rejection, Montaigne, the trap of condemnation, drinking & the unconscious, the flip-side of The Blood Poets, a body of evidence, Tarantino & toxicity.

Part Three: A Satanic Infection (57 mins – 1 hr 25 mins)

The reviews, Harvey Weinstein, the liberal cluckers, Tarantino’s cunning, George Hodel & the Black Dahlia murders, the gloaters, Man Ray, surrealism & serial murder, the roots of Dadaism, Artaud, transcendence thru transgression, theater & animal sacrifice, nefarious connections, a satanic infection, the shapers of culture, firing into a crowd, ways of extraction, the parasite, Dave Oshana’s enlightenment, removing the trauma implant, the machinery of implantation, brain damage, Kirk Douglas the rapist, a dream of being retard, the life of a saint, the physicality of imagination.

Part Four: The Baby in the Bathwater (1 hr 25 mins – end)

The function of imagination, a hidden aspect of reality, imagining God, metaphors & images, experience & understanding, Oshana’s maxim, the mind’s creation, the cinema of sleep, the underlying agenda, the Luciferian challenge, Steiner’s model of imagination, imagining the workings of the divine, sovereign self-expression, disidentifying with the artist, physical & mental activities, an epiphany with hardware, the baby in the bathwater of satanism, the limitations of Saturn, the ambition to be competent, becoming a plumber, making sure the physical universe functions, makers of culture, an art world conundrum, the fight between art & crafts.

Songs: “The Same Thing” by Nobody’s Business; “PTSD Blues” by Ex Luna; “My Ground Brakes Crank” by Tendon Levey, “Heart of Stone” by the Raveonettes.

20 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 212: The Hollywood Hook-Worm (with The Skrauss)”

  1. “The real Humphrey Bogart and the real James Cagney are actors—I mean the ones you know. The real ones, they died in here. In other words, we die so you guys can play act us. We got to be the bad guys so you guys can be the good guys. But in reality we know that you’re not the good guys, that you guys are worse than we are.” —Charles Manson

  2. “If a man has lost a leg or an eye, he knows he has lost a leg or an eye; but if he has lost a self—himself—he cannot know it, because he is no longer there to know it.” —Oliver Sacks

  3. Having read all of your work from the “Jasun” era, I can honestly say I anticipate new work from you as much as I would Haruki Murakami. Sorry to hear about your sister.

  4. time for some fan fiction :

    In 1968/9 (between Rosemary’s Baby and Macbeth) Roman Polanski filmed Apollo 11 using camera tricks borrowed from the set of 2001 : A Space Odyssey. This installed the Copernican model deeper than ever before into the human psyche. The Copernican model is inherently Luciferian because it is not reality but based on the collective imaginings of mathematicians/scientists who themselves may be under the influence of beings that I can only describe as entropic in their nature. These beings are in a sense always at “war” with other anentropic energies of creation.

    end of fan fic.

    Great chat. Travel safe. Postive vibes to you and the fam.

  5. What’s the best evidence for the ‘divine’ or God or spirits or ghosts beyond just our purely biological existence and therefore meaning?

    If a person says these alleged ‘spiritual’ forces are truly needed to lead us to security and truth, he must know they exist in detail and purpose and origin. I don’t think that’s the case. I think with regard to these questions they are crutches and place holders and excuses for cowardice. Wholesale. I’m not nearly so honest publicly about myself and my inner life as you, Jasun, so I regret that this issue came up here.


    THE DARK SIDE OF GENIUS was on the shelves of the Cinema section in both Leeds and Bradford central libraries when you and I were growing up, so no doubt the Hull library, too. I read it as a teen twenty odd years ago. It is WIERD you never did, where it must have passed before your eyes physically or online many, many times.

    I think Hitchcock was over-promoted for the very reason he was a reliable sexual misfit whose films would help socially engineer sexual unfitness among the high-IQ influencable male audiences for x generations with zero studio blame – only acclaim.

    • Can all phenomena be expressed symbolically in a language, and ordered by logic?
      Is all that is available to our awareness accessible to the mind?
      What is the mind and how does it come into existence?

  6. Don’t fret too much if you have to take a sabbatical from the pod. Invariably new ideas and connections will pop up and conversations will arise from that energy. Funny that I listened to this and also saw that Joker movie today. Does cinema survive on sadism? It certainly seems to today. I myself am more or less weaned off the cinema feeding tube these days. I kinda have to force myself to get excited about this or that film once a year just because the medium is still aesthetically potent when used properly. I’d like to pair the scenes of Joaquin Phoenix dancing in joker paint with the dancing mime from Children of Paradise–I bet there something there.

    Best wishes to your family.

  7. And Brando bounced Polanski from directing Island of Dr. Moreau which would’ve been an amazing fit…And instead brought in Richard Stanley to direct which resulted in a complete waste/fiasco of a production. Which makes you wonder whether that was done on purpose…Also, the early dark allegations about Tate, etc..came from Dennis Hopper, child of naval intelligence and married, for a short time, to a Manson girl….SOoooo….The Tate household we’re all high on mda as the meth heads killed them, by the way….

      • ” The Truth Finds Itself ”

        That statement needs no further elaboration.

        The truth we find concealed
        within the beautiful lie
        It beckons one towards the end
        In which unfolds beginning’s

        Washed upon the blood red shore
        We bask In light of darkness
        Virgin of the white sleep
        Immaculate in our conception

        clothed In nothing but our power
        In pulsing images of form
        In polyphonic radiance
        The cunt of endless silence

  8. Hello Jasun
    Re: imagination
    I have always liked these words by Antoine Faivre:

    The imagination is thus the spiritual part of man, the part that having come from God himself, possesses the vision of all things… in such a way that man cannot acquire or appropriate the principle for himself.

    It is the last phrase that is so significant, and to my mind, makes the pursuit of the occult a pointless and base endeavour.

    The term imagination, like so many others, has been corrupted and debased to create confusion. To me, the difference between imagination and fantasy is as clear as day. Even though the dominant cultural influencers wish to merely conflate the two, to diminish and degrade the individual, they are never the same.

    Just read Prisioners. Thank you.

    Regards David

    • Apparently I was Born

      Apparently I Lived

      Apparently I died

      Although I’m almost certain

      That I laughed with great joy

      At the splendid pointlessness of it all

    • I apologize for my digression from the topic at hand ( it’s a bad habit ).
      I do find it most interesting that you chose said topic as that Is exactly what I was reading about today. I’m not going to lie – the thought did cross-my-mind, do these people have me under Surveillance. ( welcome to my world ). The more healthier disposition I have found, Is to believe ( true or not ) that Universe Is taking the- proverbial cunt.

      ” What is surprising is that the radical incongruity between
      consciousness and this conception of the image has never been
      felt. It is doubtless due to the fact that the illusion of immanence has always been taken for granted. Otherwise it would have been noticed that it was impossible to slip these material
      portraits into a conscious synthetic structure without destroying the structure, without breaking the contacts, arresting the flow, breaking the continuity.”



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