The Art of Articulation (Liminal Radio)

From liminal radio livestream Sat 8th June, on the problems of language, expressing from the body, tuning into the body as a means to tuning into the needs of others, articulation as response to movements within the body, the perils of sophistry, moving from worldly delusion to stark raving reality, connecting to soul community, why I go to Finland.

Songs: “Bodhi Song” by Rose Windows; “Hope Is a Thing with Feathers,” by Trailer Bride; “Goin’ Out West” & “Foggy Minded Breakdown” by The Blacks.




10 thoughts on “The Art of Articulation (Liminal Radio)”

  1. I’m listening. As human beings I think it is essential to our well being that we be heard. Explains why we speak to our pets and plants. I often speak audibly to myself. Crazy? No, it’s just a short cut to writing in a journal, or painting a painting. Once again, food for thought. Thank you Jasun

  2. Hi Jasun, I’ve been working on a drawing tonight due for tomorrow. I’m not even halfway through the show yet, but you’ve set a great tone for deep work. (my cousin’s 40th birthday card).

    • I try not to be negative or rant about things I don’t like. Let me just ask that you, Jasun, listen to the first part where you are apparently recording whilst eating an apple, then reflect on how you would feel, or an average listener might reasonably react to that noise. Maybe you just weren’t aware. I can forgive that, once.

      • I am constantly impressed by the high-level of philosophical discourse that emerges in these comments. Talk about deep analysis of content!

        • I back you on your potiential joe rogan venture. People that listen to joe are probably wanting something new, and your approach contrasts someone like Alex Jones nicely. Also think of how many people struggling with an ‘ ufo experience’ out there could use some wise words, which is what is needed. You could get into Steiber some, amongst others.

      • @James Allison
        It’s not the first time, which suggests design, rather than accident, a symbolic clue, a Freudian leak, for above average listeners about innocence lost, post-Eden.

  3. Technology and diminishing audiences…

    Gutenberg/Marconi made everybody a reader/listener. Xerox/Silicon Valley makes everybody a publisher/broadcaster. ~Marshall McLuhan/Me

  4. Unintentional double post.

    I’m slowly being won over by the idea that the artificial self is not external at all but that instead, the body internalised a specific type of trauma (I’d venture to say that it was a global and instantaneous, e.g. asteroid, coronal mass ejection, etc.). Failing to process it, a psychic rupture occurred, a process of mental fragmentation necessary to survive in that world, in new and forbidding circumstances, most likely brutal. Not only have we not been able to deal with it since, but those most affected have managed to propagate it, creating a vicious cycle. I agree if it were artificial, it would be us versus them. Instead, we’re all thoroughly divided against ourselves. Popular culture, government, military/police, media, religion, etc. are all the tools of the deranged. Unfortunately, they are our brothers and sisters. It would be much easier if they were otherworldly beings in disguise.

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