The Liminalist # 203: The Robo-Nanny State (with James Corbett)

Conversation with James Corbett that makes the most of James’ vast and erudite knowledge on deep global politics, collective brainwashing, long-term social engineering, the technocracy movement, and what he calls “turnkey totalitarianism.” Looks at the deeper psychological and emotional mechanisms being exploited, coopted and undermined by decades of conscious sociopolitical manipulations.

Part One: Manipulating the Mass Mind (0 – 24 mins)

The long-term effects of propaganda, the need for public consent, Edward Bernays, selling smoking to women, an invisible government, hijacking the ability to discern, pre-conscious insanity, 1984 & doublethink, Al Qaeda as US’s latest ally, the inception of cognitive dissonance in childhood, exploiting mass anger & fear, Osama Bin Laden & the scapegoat mechanism, US financing of the Soviet Union, a coming clash with China.

Part Two Enforced Freedom (24 mins – 50 mins)

Charles Galton Darwin & The Next Million Years, Bertrand Russell, Aldous Huxley, electronic implant control, the technocracy movement, the internet of things, a scientific outlook, individual freedom as the means to totalitarianism, the transformation of American Society, registered in Japan, conflating freedom with convenience, the hell-road of progressive values, the pendulum effect, conditioned choices, manufactured feminism, parental division 

Part Three: False Solutions to Real Problems (50 mins – end)

Transgender transformation, the eradication of the family, false solutions to real problems, a collective double-bind, a sense of helplessness, the medical-industrial complex, a future orientation, disowning the past, lost gold standard irrational hope, technology & passivity, spectator politics, the pull of a lever, Obama & Trump, lining up for our enslavement, turnkey totalitarianism, the robo-nanny, the UFO as transcendental technology, believing the unbelievable, self-propagating propaganda.

The Corbett Report

Songs: “Knob Wobbler,” by Gib Strange; “20 to 48 Hours,” by Party People in the Can; “Goodbye Oslo Rose,” by Richard Youngs; “These Words” by Hazelwood Motel.

11 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 203: The Robo-Nanny State (with James Corbett)”

  1. Before I have listened to a single word: YES and woooo hoooo!

    I didn’t know you two knew each other. This is going to be great, I know it.

  2. Manipulating the mass mind. I wonder if when someone realizes that they have been controlled, hood-winked, lied to, that they avoid things like TV/radio news, programs ripe with product placement, malls, higher education, theme parks, and/or tours. I heard of a village in Africa who were rewarded for ‘something’ with a brand new range or possibly a washing machine in every home. No one seemed to notice or care about the fact that there was no electricity in the village. Later men.

  3. Over the last year or so I’ve essentially stopped reading and informing myself on the Internet. Auticulture and Corbett Report are the only two websites that I visit regularly. This looks like a real treat. I’m really looking forward to it.

  4. We’ve come a long way ,baby. Not so much. In the 60’s my Dad worked and Mom worked (unpaid labor) in the home. We didn’t want for anything. We weren’t wealthy but we had a lot of property and “things.”
    I felt fortunate to be able to stay home with my kids for the first 10 years while many of my female friends worked at least part time outside the home, feeling like they had to contribute financially to the maintenance of the family. Perhaps they did, but I began to hear a great deal of grumbling about the second shift.
    I believe that it is the breakdown of the family which was and always has been the ultimate goal of social engineers. More on this later. Really enjoying this podcast. TY

  5. My husband and talked at great lengths about all of the above and in all the years we had together we only found 1-2 other persons who were also informed and interested in these topics. That about says it all.
    Great talk. Thank you.

  6. A valuable reminder of the ‘mundane’ agendas pushed on us. As Icke put it: “The Totalitarian Tiptoe”. It’s a shame it’s so difficult to share podcasts like this one with others. It’s pretty straight-laced material! Not only are people afraid of stepping out of the manufactured consensus they are petrified of the liminal state. To be fair, it can be pretty mortifying.

    Great overview and analysis, top draw stuff.

  7. Awesome! At long last, the coming together of my two favorite hosts. Excellent discussion, gentlemen. Please don’t wait so long for a second one. Thanks so much for this.

  8. Even after reading the comments and before listening to the podcast I feel happy, given the show title, revealing that I once referred online to Corbett as robot boy. I will listen with interest and fairness, but until now I have always observed a certain strict doctrinaire approach to the broader truth movement, accepting and reiterating that which isn’t critically damaging to real world politics, ignoring all that really would be.


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