The Liminalist 000: Eternal Peaches (with Dave Oshana & Martin Jolly)

Impromptu threeway chat with Dave Oshana & Martin Jolly. The following notes are very rough and may be out of order.

Jasun men’s group, the Embodiment Conference, trust issues, the need for chaos, personal construct psychology, the limits of therapy, staying unfixed, the changing face of Martin Jolly, honest, direct, & open, the scarcity of spiritual seekers in Dave group, an inquiry into expectations, before language, how Dave operates, ruined urine, why all teachings are septic, the protocol of the TEC, don’t box me in, freedom = no constraints, unhealthy doctors, meaning of embodiment, a smorgasbord of possibilities, the constraint of time, interaction vs. theory, increasing popularity, how groups work, intellectual content & the enlightenment transmission, the chip shaker, the wild animal of enlightenment, body language, allowing complexity, overrated reductionism, lossless Dave descriptions, why Dave doesn’t do conferences, am I a non-dualist, the commercialization of spirituality, the follies of Facebook, Martin’s re-wilding, the calming disruptor, Dave’s filtering, an endangered minority of the enlightened, taking on the identity, when three identities get together, the rise of the identities, whatever sets, rots, the identity’s benefits, JBP’s standoff, the thrift store, being freed by restrictions, reasons for restriction, removing inhibitions, the extremes of human conditioning

Dave’s disruptive vibration, an out of time present, oscillations & magnetic fields, disruption & preservation, waves of probability, cleaning indeterminacy, indeterminant hermaphrodites, mirages & memory, freedom from predetermination, off-the-peg identities, muscle-testing penises, bringing the dark to the light, who makes it into the field, what the wives know, sent by proxy

A profound oddness, an acting oracle, what MaJo brings through, away from otherness, nods and winks, unembodied knowledge, the core of divine timing, the underlying correspondence, eternal peaches, why Dave can’t talk about certain things, the problem with teachings, premature exposure to knowledge, words distort apperception of truth, billiard balls in a sock, using words how they weren’t designed to be used, the set of all things, philosophy nonsense, words have connections, the pain of thinking, reorganizing piles of pain, therapy’s minefield, plant language, an alien biology, moving through syntax, an unconstrained expression, the fixed faces of adulthood,


Ancestral restoration, the Horsley clan, door-stopping Woody Allen, writer’s diarrhea, emigrating to Spain, signing 16 Maps of Hell, insanity in New York, the calming forest, a bum scan, Spanish retreats, JaHo’s audience, pleasing therapists, Oshana ambassador work, what it takes to become a made Liminalist, Dave’s appeal to listeners.

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Podcast artwork by Martin Joly

Songs: “Go Down to the Door” and “Moon Rising” from Paul Lyons. Outtakes: “Place for Joy” from This Jacket is Yours.

13 thoughts on “The Liminalist 000: Eternal Peaches (with Dave Oshana & Martin Jolly)”

  1. It’s interesting that you were worried about how to edit or divide up the audio, and attempting to curate it for a specific audience. The truth is that what listeners really want is the full unedited version every time, it’s why people buy the extended version of movies, or get annoyed when an audiobook is abridged, in this day and age the raw unedited version is the holy grail, and the more background minutiae and tangents about toasted cheese sandwiches the better.

  2. I enjoyed trying to follow along the winding path that martins comment about the probability wave took you all down. Dave’s metaphor of an atom being shot through smoke was a good one for trying to discuss that which cannot be named. Another stand out for me was the bit where Dave was talking about identities “conspiring” and getting activated in group interactions and comparing it to addicts wanting a fix. Great podcast. Took me a minute to figure out who this Bill guy is that was being spoken of:)

  3. I enjoyed this podcast a lot. It was awkward at times, but I like that rawness. The statement about “once you name the path, it is no longer the path” was the thing that hit me in the head the most as I listened to the podcast. I will have to explore that one a little more. I don’t know if it was a red herring or not, but it definitely peaked my curiosity. I will be re-listening to this one for sure. Lots of meat on the bone in this one.

  4. Touched deeply by some of the interactions here, Dave calming mentioning it is strange that being quoted back brings new insights demonstrating the benefits of symbiosis, heightened by the background image of Jasun’s moon phase face waxing gibbous to be fully bathed in light. Definitely warrants a second listen.
    I feel the gravitation pull of the oddness Martin mentions and re-minds of the oddness of the natural world outside labels and concepts…

  5. I enjoyed listening and watching the conversation between Jasun and Shaun Attwood, it was pretty perfect, the coming together of a psychic event that created a social shock (the Manson murders) and Jasun’s revelation/discovery that there had been a cover-up, and I had already realized years ago that Hollywood was key for the reengineering of Filipino identity such that after the neocolonization began in 1898, English and Hollywood turned Filipinos into automatons without an identity, lobotomized of their Hispanic Filipino identity….Jasun through his personal history with Hollywood focused on and confirmed what Isaac Kappy had shouted out from the rooftops….. I haven’t had time to listen to a lot more of J’s podcasts though I did listen to a few. He holds soirées in my opinion, he has a virtual salon. I am a salon type of person though I’ve found very few on the net (and in 3D person-to-person contexts, practically zero)… it’s a spontaneous thing, it comes and goes, it’s about affinity. You don’t have to put a sponge or a ring or a bubble bath on it. It’s just something new that populates the Field for you with a new, shiny content, and there is a before and an after. If the energy takes you back, great. And if it doesn’t happen right away, cool. (If there are any misspellings, apologies, I’m not going back to check.) Cheers, Jasun!

  6. Sleep perchance to dream: a curious and known Enlightenment Transmission phenomenon, Ced, and the reason why I am reluctant to do post-production work on recordings. Hence it is rare that an MP3 gets made of Sunday events. Still planning to offer the recent guided meditation event though. But won’t start up the “rush hour of the liminal souls” coming to today’s Halloween event in under 5 hours has subsided. It will be mainly Jasun’s crowd among the newcomers.

    Curious also, did one of us tend to make you more sleepy?

    It can be your new lullaby.

  7. Right. So, I started from 45 minutes in this time. Managed to stay awake for an hour or so. It’s a spectacular podcast. It so dense I nearly started taking notes. Still more to enjoy.


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