The Liminalist # 263: A Manufactured Goddess (Discussing Morris Berman’s Wandering God with Tim K., # 4)

4th installment of conversational exploration of Wandering God with Tim K

Part One: Professional Mothers (0 – 34 mins)

Taking Jung to task, differing conceptions of the sacred, collective child-rearing practices, professional mothers, the hallowed presence of the infant, charismatic imprinting, a world of true believers, female identification with motherhood, maternal ambivalence, a chaotic household, a proto-hippy, the status & sanctification of mothers, lionizing single mothers, the fall-out, narcissistic mothers, Japanese child-rearing, a mother-daughter alliance, an avuncular influence, diffused parenting, feminist mythology & Goddess religion, a fallacious methodology.

Part Two: Jung’s Psychological Misinformation (34 mins – 1 hr 9 mins)

The gestalt view, Jung’s imaginative reconstruction solar-Aryan elite, the obliteration of consciousness, Jung’s lies, (40 m edit) mystery over history, encountering Jung, Flying Saucers, wisdom & delusion, diagnosing false enlightenment, possession vs integration, mistaking a regression for a progression, perverted strong father figures, maternal possession effects on male & female psyche, Erich Neumann & the Venus cult, the myth of invading patriarchy, Egyptian gods vs Greek gods, were the Egyptians mystics?

Part Three: The Mundane and the Supernatural Worlds (1 hr 9 min – 1 hr 45 mins)

Mesopotamian religion, Catholic mass & silly hats, a melodramatic experience of the numinous, the austerity of the monk life vs the pomp of cardinals, performance for the masses, where the gods come in, initiates vs masses, an internal Christian program, self-initiation, the best Catholics, breaking from the group mind of a sacred authority complex, the Axal age, the mundane and the supernatural worlds, the age of Gnosticism, the Christian resurrection, Dante, hell & purgatory, Mohammad in Hell, an ongoing resurrection, a teddy bear for the mind, the animating force, Aristotle, Plato, & Pythagoras.

Part Four: The Allure of the Mysteries (1 hr 45 mins – end)

Ecstatic practices, the search for salvation & the drive for utopia, the emergence of orthodoxies, the self-castrated, the deification of trans identity, a discussion of transgender, a spiritualized rationale, hermaphrodites & androgynes, David Bowie sets the trend, the allure of the mysteries, spirituality, fusion drive, & mother bondage, the experience of barren reality, addiction to transcendence, back to psychedelics, Castaneda, John Michael Greer, a perception shift, the trap of psychotherapy, the drive to be a super-lover, changes in mothering in the Neolithic, the Gaia hypothesis, an emerging eco-theology.

Dark Ages America (Morris Berman’s site).

Wandering God.

Podcast art by Martin Jolly

Songs: “Pirates” by Entertainment for the Braindead; 2 songs by “The Blacks”, “Broadcast to the Addicted” by Drakes Hotel;  “Changes” by Short Hand.

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