The Liminalist # 9.5: A Cultural Conspiracy

liminalist 9-5

Part Two of conversation with Holly Grigg-Spall author of Sweetening the Pill, on transgender porn and the sex industry, fun feminism, what’s the deal with burlesque, the closing context, the effects of child abuse, normalization of abuse, torture as entertainment, Richard Dawkins’ apologia for abuse, Bryan Singer & sexual exploitation in Hollywood, living under social pressures, the belief in independent choice, manufactured consent, deferred consent, child porn by children, projecting sexual intent onto children, the changing cultural climate of pedophilia, the family circle, pedophiles as insiders representing the community, rethinking what we think we know, treating pedophilia as sickness, people’s non-response to UK revelations, blocking out the information, the built-in mechanism of denial, family tolerance, pedophilia-as-necessary-taboo vs. free-floating energy, pedophilia and social advancement, joining the clique, screening potentials, the hub of power, Scientology and engram control, child abuse in Hampstead, conspiracy as effect, a nonhuman element, zero benefits for human beings, what works for capitalism, Weird Scenes in the Canyon, the new Jimmy Savile, the psychology of prior investment, back-taxes of remorse, the culture of coping, covering the rot, Russel Brand & Fabianism, P.I.E, Brand’s spirituality and ayahuasca promotion, his immersion in the UK aristocracy, begin spewed on by Brand, how trauma creates charismatic leaders, Brand’s visceral appeal and why he wears a blanket on his head.

“Play on Words Do Wop You Do to Me” and “The House of the Rising Sun,” by Kathleen Martin; “Monkey Said” by The Freak Fandango Orchestra

5 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 9.5: A Cultural Conspiracy”

  1. A very prominent tendency of people in the social eye is to conceal any “negative” aspects of themselves that could potentially be attacked and damage their position/livelihood/etc. Russell Brand is very open about these negative aspects of himself and in my opinion that is a big part of his mass appeal.

    On the other hand I completely agree with the “medium is the message” point of view. Listening to him talk is sometimes like listening to Charlie Sheen talk, there is a desperation and fanaticism that I’ve often seen with people who’ve taken drugs to excess, it seems to leave your senses permanently frayed.

    It is my opinion that he is not a conscious “agent”, but rather has been co-opted by an unknown group to further their particular ends. I think that this is possibly related in some way to the transcendental meditation organization, which has many similarities to Scientology.

      • I don’t know if David Lynch has been suckered TM. I know I was suckered by TM but that is another story. The way I understood The David Lynch Foundation, as proposed by Mr. Lynch and Dr. Hagelin, (I think this was before Maharishi died) was being built to cause a peaceful effect on the mass consciousness. A group of meditators that totaled the square root of 1% of the total Earth population (This was about 6 or 7 years ago so I may have the details incorrect) was to practice the TM method 24 hours a day. Fresh TM adepts would constantly replace the ones who had done their 20 minutes. This scenario was proven to have an effect on the frequency of violent crime on a smaller scale. I think Washington DC was the experiment site. I found the idea to be fascinating and figured something like this was probably the method in how this reality was hijacked in the first place. I gave the foundation $50. I think they said they needed a billion to make the idea a reality. Then all of a sudden a lot of very rich people were jumping on board, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Paul McCartney, the aforementioned Russell Brand and many other A-List celebrities. With people like that, the huge amount of cash needed should have been attainable. Instead the money seems to go to teaching the TM method to the underprivileged, convicts, war veterans and other groups usually championed by the left of the political spectrum. I haven’t heard anything about the quantum effect for peace lately. The David Lynch Foundation seems to have been an interesting idea that (maybe with good intention) was turned into something other than the original concept.

        I really enjoy your new podcasts Jasun. Will donate when I get a bit of cash. I am also enjoying Seen And Not Seen.

  2. Thanks, I really enjoyed this conversation. I heard Holly Grigg Spall speaking on a couple of other podcasts but they didn’t get into the really interesting and meaty stuff. I am feeling inclined to read her book.


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