The Liminalist # 13.5: The Ancestral Mainline (with Paul Levy)


Part two of a conversation with Paul Levy, on dissociation and the shamanic journey, becoming like the abuser, Jasun as poisoner container for his brother, intentional dissociation, spiritual bypassing, Jasun’s shamanic apprenticeship in Guatemala, the wounded healer, clearing out the body for the psyche to land, the purpose of ritual, Paul’s super-power, energetic empathy and shadow work, social interaction, exquisite sensitivity, creating an agenda-free space, body-linking, developing sensitivity to non-verbal signals, a 4th dimensional view, ancestral addictions, collective karma, Joseph Chilton Pearce and thought invaders, the flyers, Just Say No to the ancestors, feeding the tape worm, objectifying entities, the inner hungry child, filling the void, Freud’s internally generated images and repetition compulsion, the gift inside pathology, shifting identification from content to context, history as mass ritual, the illusion of humanity, conspiring to co-inspire, collective psychosis and the extinction of humanity, the bandwidth of the sayable.

This conversation includes a musical montage interlude of Rene Girard on ritual and Jasun on the taboo and the sacred, to the music of French Radio Constellation.

Songs: “El Mariachi” and “Monkey Said” by The Freak Fandango Orchestra; “Hey Ho,” by Orbiting Freakshow Orch.

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