The Liminalist # 13: Rock Bottom (w/ Paul Levy)


Part one of a two-part conversation with Paul Levy, author of The Madness of King George and Dispelling Wetiko, on Paul’s close encounter with “absolute evil,” his father as portal, “evil” as field-phenomena, disintegration and the function of the dark side, the pitfalls of moral terminology, psychic entities, “evil” as a trigger word, New Age de-emphasis of the dark, the Christian preoccupation with evil, shedding light on darkness, life as a multi-dimensional dream, the autonomous other, evil as a mental concept, fragments of the psyche, the core-root of “evil,” redeeming the irredeemable, archetypal evil as oxymoron, the ancestral pool and the accumulation of trauma, a trauma-egregore, Jasun’s 15-year occult path, meeting Satan & embodying Lucifer, ego inflation/archetypal possession, Paul’s journey out of his mind, Paul’s paternal abuse and psychiatric commitment, the mechanism of psychological abuse, the toxic secret, poison containers, how language imprisons perception, evil as cause vs. evil as effect, a non-linear feedback loop, by lack of virtue of the unexamined mind, the sorcerers’ topic of topics, the unpalatable truth of Saturn, Jung’s quaternity, incorporating Satan, the fundamental horror of the physical, the myth of the negative father, the blessing of evil, Satan the rock, taking refuge in the dream, being split by archetypal evil.

Part Two.

Songs: “El Mariachi” by The Freak Fandango Orchestra; “Of Unknown Origin” by Philo & the Wraymen; “Lucifer” by FrenchRadio Constellation; “Lonely Love,” by Origami Conspiracy; “Starling,” by Art of Flying.

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