The Liminalist # 157.5: A Treasure Not of this World (with Simon Strauch)

Part two of conversation with Simon Strauch, on ultimate reality, Jordan Peterson’s following, hierarchies of competence, Peterson’s religious status, cult creation, taking on aberrations, a No in the noosphere, JBP’s silent support, being in the world, a Darwinian worldview, a treasure not of this world, reducing the transcendental to the mundane, going out on a limb, twists in a TV show, Trump & political correctness, Rene Girard as counterpart to JBP, Girard’s deep system, being on a mission vs. working on a problem, enforced monogamy, turning truth into social policy, liminal times, a technocratic leaning, shoe-horning technocracy, Brave New World, narrowing perceptions, ignoring the data that undermines the thesis, a romantic longing, the malevolent superstructure, a psychoanalytical tunnel, plunging into the darkness, psychology & religion, approaching the infinite, the intermediary between us & God, focusing on the gulf, psychology & morality, scars on the soul, the soul as a collective, humanity & Christ, Dave Oshana & enlightenment, when Christ emptied Hell, Karl Stern.

Songs: “I’m Going Insane” & “15 Bistro 2” by Lee Maddeford; “Pingpong Voodoo” by Narcotic Syntax; “Lentomatto” by Astrometrics.


5 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 157.5: A Treasure Not of this World (with Simon Strauch)”

  1. “Jordan B Peterson or : the NO! heard ’round the world”

    Rudolf Steiner, sorry, but he had this rap about how the “I” fully descended, or permeated, or flowered in human bodies, the Earth and everything on it after or with The Christ, um, thing, event. Whereas before it “hovered” above the physical world. I think the downside here to The Christ Event is that now we have the possibility of “staining” the “astral vehicle” with base desires, thoughts and habits and all that jazz. Not that I know what that means, totally, or think that it’s Gospel (heh) but it has a nice feel to it.

    And maybe that’s why we in “The West” reset time there.. because we had acquired a totally new consciousness, hell, acquired a totally new Earth.. a somehow less “dreamy” one that ironically has become a nightmare..

    I’ve been thinking about Dave Oshana this week, how he moves in front of a room. I feel like the people that show up are instruments or the orchestra and Dave is like a Maestro. The music I suppose would be the movement of energy in the room. I feel like Dave is pulling energy out of himself and moving it around depending on the “skill” of the orchestra and it’s members. Something like that.

  2. Yet another two hour conversation on the short comings of Jordan Peterson. How dare he resist coerced progressivist language, not believe in transcendental spiritual truths, and also make money at the same time! that dastardly fellow. Some armchair psychology would set him straight. Maybe I’ll pass this link along.

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