The Liminalist # 158: A Body Vacuum (with The Greek)

First in a (possible, you decide) short series of conversations with The Greek, on how nuclear devices explode, where the info is coming from, a vacuum in the body, opinions vs. objective facts, the anti-cult, Stockholm Syndrome cults, a strip to an S & M club, dreams as plug-ins, a society of head-hunters, demons and dreams, connecting to the Cloud, the Justice system & goddess worship, grand cosmic narratives in the end times, a close look at the intestines, Gustav Le Bon’s crowd, the ancestral line, gods as bean-counters, a parallel society, the pursuit of concepts, 9-11 media stunt, religion as subculture.

Note to listeners: Let me know your reaction to The Greek as I am still deciding whether to share the remainder of these exchanges or not.

Songs: “I’m Going Insane” by Lee Maddeford; “Goin’ Out West” by The Blacks; “This Shroud” by Rose Windows.

38 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 158: A Body Vacuum (with The Greek)”

  1. As a paranoid conspiracy doomster I like this stuff, but do I trust this guy? no, he’s a bullshitter, but still entertaining, there may be fresh insights in his take on things

  2. It was a slightly irritating podcast as it seemed that there was tension in the air…but I’m still curious to see where this Greek is headed.

    Perhaps it will be a waste of my time but I would like to soldier on and see if there is anything worthwhile to come.

    Thank you.

  3. Hi Jasun, I do not know what you are a going to decide in regards to the remainder of the exchanges, but would you consider sending the entire dialogue to individuals, or disclose domains etc. to people who’d like to know more, directly via email? Let me know, thanks.

    • Yes. But I want to hear more responses. It’s interesting to see the divide. What do you like about this episode?

  4. Well that was weird – my podcast rss download was 38 mins long and continually repeated his first schepeel about the good will hunting up to Jasun saying h could disguise his voice and it loop pretty much seamlessly – I listened to it repeat 6 times before checking here.

  5. halfway through – this guy is really impressed with himself.
    funny, awkward, to hear you indulging it. not sure I want to hear more, as I’m not hearing anything new. I wonder what you think. maybe you say what you think at the end, but, ah . . . looks like I’ve just bailed – i paused to write this, but resuming doesn’t feel like it’s gonna happen 🙂

  6. This was pretty trying to get through, but I want to hear more if the follow up conversations go somewhere deeper. It felt as though you two were just struggling to find common ground to jump off from the whole time.

  7. Here’s a vote for the “definitely want to hear the rest of the conversation” category.

    Also I’m far too lazy to go on a wild goose chase in order to find The Greek’s domain, so hook a brother up and send the link to the email from this comment. Please and thanks.

      • Thank you kind sir. Appreciate it. I’m going to dive head first into all of his recordings, it’s highly entertaining so far. At one point he stated that the information he is disclosing hasn’t been available publicly for over 2000 years (you know, when that other guy did it the last time, wink wink).

          • Maybe at some point I’ll email you some deeper analysis on this character (assuming I don’t get bored, it’s a shiny new toy right now). Anyways my cursory research into The Greek raises some immediate red flags, the first of which being that he has what appears to be a recurring segment on the Ochelli Effect, dating back to 2015. Ochelli has a dubious history with the JFK assassination, and is literally known as “The Blind JFK Researcher”. I’m not sure how a blind man would go about researching a televised assassination, but apparently this guy figured it out.

            The Ochelli Effect used to be on American Freedom Radio, another alternative media outlet saturated with dubious characters. If you catch my drift here, Jordan Maxwell made his most recent appearance on the Ochelli Effect on July 2nd. The Greek was also featured on a couple episodes of “My Private Audio” with Angela Stark, a law podcast that has featured the worst of the worst private remedy scammers on the scene. Obviously this is all dangerously close to guilt by association territory, however I think it’s worth keeping in mind if one chooses to listen to this character.

            Also at one point in the podcast I listened to he tried to say the word “civil” and made the mistake of starting to say “civilians” twice in a row. You’d have to hear the context to fully understand but it seemed like a subconscious slip given the subject matter. He seems to have a lot of high level advanced engineering/physics knowledge as well so I’d be interested to know if The Greek was ever in the military 🙂

  8. I’m going to be frank here. What I find most ironic and disingenuous about the “should this info be released” discussion is that the greek stated that he is a hundred percent opposed to this type of “secret-club-of-truth” behaviour. This is not pertinent to anything that was discussed in the dialogue at all. I’m off at this point – you can still count my vote if you’d like, but I’ll dedicate my own time to find what I need. Nevertheless thanks much for releasing the first part Jasun.
    – Best

    • It’s not secret club behavior; I just don’t want to be any more accountable than I already am for ushering people into The Greek’s matrix

      • Looking back I misunderstood yr comment as directed at my declining to give out info on The Greek’s online whereabouts. never mind. Carry on.

  9. More for sure. He’s like listening to Jazz… Sometimes it works, sometimes not; but the whole thing hangs together for me.

    How you steer/guide/shape his performance is and would be equally intriguing.

  10. Not sure of what the key take away from him is other than “the gods”. It does seem a little regressive as you say but people harbouring secret intel (which they don’t disclose) are always alluring. He reminds me of people i’ve met with a higher iq than me and a sharper mind but at the same time seem to lack a common empathy and still harbour strange ideas which only they are smart enough to divine. Still, i’m interested in the next two parts!

  11. Hello, somewhat new and rather casual listener here, discovered you via Brank Malić.

    I’ve never heard of The Greek before, I only figured out what he is about through this conversation as much as that is possible. I never knew I have a BS meter until now. Alarm went off after his first couple of sentences, when it became obvious he can’t get enough of listening to himself talk. Everything that happened afterwards just confirmed this initial impression. I get a strong feeling you are dealing with a skillful charlatan and a narcissist.

    Probably the best single giveaway was the moment near the end when he supposedly accidentally lets out that he often gives his money away, only to again supposedly suddenly interrupt himself because of not wanting to disclose just how moral an individual he is and not wanting to praise himself.

    I wouldn’t mind hearing more, but for same reason for which I like listening to charlatans talk about Nibiru, flat Earth, aliens etc. This self help guru would fit in there quite well. Otherwise, if you are afraid someone might get seriously entangled by his nonsense, by all means don’t publish the rest of it.

  12. I doubt this guy is dealing with much nitroglycerin. His voice is even more of a tell than Strieber’s. You have bridged the intellect – heart gulf and this guy is clearly trapped inside his skull and calling it a palace.

    However – I can understand your wobbly fascination between the religious heart-centered approach and the esoteric/occult head-centered approach. I too have been battling this conundrum, because like you I have a crazy overdeveloped intellect and came late to the regions of the heart and faith. But others have walked this path before.

    I am reading Meditations on the Tarot, which is written by someone who was once heavy into theosophy and the occult and who later journeyed to the Church. This book is a collection of anonymous letters which attempt to marry the esoteric with the religious without divorcing either one. I suspect we are probably similar in that it would be futile to cut off the esoteric brain. That would be repression and it would always swing back, so instead the two need to be integrated. That is the only way forward. I’m hoping Meditations will help map that course, but I don’t know yet.


  13. It’s almost like a conversation with a Scientologist or something. Idiotic and self important….more please!

  14. Awfully sure of himself. Always finds a way back to his script of punchy sound bites and analogies. Julian Jaynes thought metaphor was responsible for the evolution of consciousness. Here it’s being used for obfuscation and some kind of full circle devolution.

    Has the same speech rhythm as James Arthur Ray.

    • his speech patterns are one of a fully blown narcissist trapped in guru mode.
      i wouldn’t trust him to make a cup of tea. or encourage him in any way. ah well.

  15. I would like more for sure. I’m new to your podcast but I found the interaction between two such divergent personalities very entertaining. BTW, discovered you via the Occulture podcast and would love to hear you back there again.

  16. i enjoyed this only in that it felt as if Jasun was engaging a younger, more foolish version of himself. i sense much growth, development, and maturity with you Mr. Horsley.

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