The Liminalist # 165.5: A Southern Accent (with Corey N.)

Second of two-part conversation with Corey N, on rapid onset gender dysphoria, a cultural context for the incomprehensible, the non-existence of gender, gender stereotypes, the concept of identity, the opportunity of identity crisis, targeting the shamanic demographic, marketing identity, hyper-socialization, becoming institutionalized, sleep deprivation in a mental hospital, enforcing focused awareness, being infantilized, learned helplessness, bad parenting & denial of autonomy, accounting to family, the context of trauma, back to the Cowboy, the element of intuition in creating an alter, an involuntary transformation, possession or reincarnation, outlaw country, Fight Club.

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Songs:  “Slouching Towards Bremen” & “My Heart Is a Piece of Garbage” by Geoff Berner; “Bleak” by Littlefoot;

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