The Liminalist # 165: Corey & the Cowboy (with Corey N.)

Two-part conversation with Corey N. and a life of high strangeness, sudden onset kundalini rising, an awakening on the toilet, a grandiose experience, a new set of eyes, a scientific paradigm, Robert Anton Wilson’s Maybe Logic, a lightness in the body, taking testosterone supplement, self commodification and self-optimization, the cowboy & the fool, sorting obstacles from tools, hyper-ambition, a fully-formed alter-persona, retreating to the wilderness, a DID spectrum, archetypal explorers of the unconscious, when the dam of identity bursts, a stay in a mental hospital, being under the microscope, institution vs. wilderness, giving birth to the cowboy, using marijuana to to self-medicate, levels of identity, doubling won on the ego, the will to power, the neoliberal mindset, a life review, an expanded sense of identity, Sam Harris’s Waking Up, a super-charged ego, a changing worldview, the psychedelic hype, an interest in the occult conspiracy, the trap of occultism, Gordon White, CERN sacrifice psy-op, seeing the second matrix.

Songs: “Slouching Towards Bremen” & “Prairie Wind” by Geoff Berner; “Black Hole” by Littlefoot;  “Running Eiskrokodil” by Lobo Loco.

2 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 165: Corey & the Cowboy (with Corey N.)”

  1. Dig the new tunes.

    Interesting start with GoT on speed in the bathroom. (toilet = throne, bathroom = “the head”) Glad to hear you’re off that.. wait for it.. shit.

    Warning : GoT stuff :
    It’s like, Jamie Lannister is really a Targaryen, but he doesn’t know it. His entire identity is based on his Lannister name. Alas, throughout the story we see true Targaryen spirit breaking through. The rub would be that when Jamie killed King Aerys, he killed his biological father.

    I’m thinking about how smoking tobacco acutely increases your testosterone and the Marlborough Man and all that.. You can put on any mask you want, but you eventually always have to remove it, either kindly, or have it ripped off.

    I’ve always thought of Ego/self as a hammer.. or a fork. It’s just always laying around somewhere in the house (body ?). Another tool that you pick up in the proper situations and hopefully in service to some positive creation.

    Amass a fleet of cars and boats and drive around with drugs and hookers or open a cool store that helps people in a struggling community ? Build a home or crucify a person ? Serve a salad to your loved ones or serve, well, a nubile teenage girl to a coven of maniacs ? You get the idea.

    “the scion of the psy-op”

  2. Great way to kick off a new “season.” I’m not sensing a new format, if anything a return to form – maybe on another parallel point of the spiral further out or further in.

    The conversation hit very close to home and it is interesting how aligns with many other stories of kundalini awakening and surrounding events, including my own. Stimulant use/abuse; awareness of potentially nefarious goings-on; hyper-focus and self-assertiveness; de-coupling from identity; “life-review”; hospitalization. I find it curious that for many the manic episode and hospitalization come immediately after or while the kundalini awakening is occurring. For myself all of the above happened, and only after I’d “come back” did the kundalini rise.


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