The Liminalist # 167.5: The Illusion of Independence (or: Murmuration, with Dave Oshana)

Part two of four-part conversation with Dave Oshana, on the part that doesn’t want to be awoken, fear of responsibility, sacrificing for love, giving up the fake life, a civil war within, what gets your desire, Dave’s fantasy of script-writing, a culture clash, minor early religious influences, connecting to the void within another, the pros of self-consciousness, talking to Dave, a shared hot-pot of interests, introducing the ancestors, passing on care packages, family accents, born in the middle of someone’s story, the illusion of individuality, brain cells declaring independence, murmuration effect, being grown out of the mother’s body, naked Noah’s curse, navigating among the humatons on Oxford Street, recreating the mother’s body through technology, nostalgia for old New York, perfecting the simulation.

Dave’s website.

Songs:  “Slouching Towards Bremen”by Geoff Berner; “Hopeful Hologram,” by Origami Conspiracy;  “Sparkle in the Sun,” by Hazelwood Motel;  “Too Many Snakes,” by Trailer Bride.

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