The Liminalist # 167: Journeys into the Body (with Dave Oshana)

First in a four-part conversation with unplugging agent Dave Oshana, on confounding Jasun’s image of enlightenment, Homo Serpiens and the cosmic ubermensch, a pyramid of knowledge, ancestors & angels, experience & interpretation, the idea of attaining to knowledge, mapping reality, Dave’s childhood compared to Jasun’s, a feeling of unreality, Dave’s quest, the growing false self, epic templates, the allure of siddhis, seeking relief from social pressures, the aims of meditation, retaining a connection to the original self, the promise of meditation, the mark of the system, a childhood experience of depersonalization & derealization, Dave’s early exposure to spiritual teachings, growing up in the ‘80s, the hope for what can never be disproved, Jasun’s unkillable Hollywood dream, enlightenment by any other name, a journey of zero distance vs. daily decrease, self-recovery, the Wizard of Oz’s back-up plan, pushing through limits, trying to become someone, a series of experiments, social enlightenment, the teenage stage, relating to the body, throwing off the yolk of social programming, a deep unwinding in the body, Joseph Chilton Pearce’s biological model for enlightenment, language installed in the body, the Grinch’s Hollywood dream, journeys into the body, a sound mind, a sound body, spaces around the body, giving up your credit card.

Dave’s website.

Songs: “Slouching Towards Bremen”by Geoff Berner; “Sad Love Song from Someone Else” by Littlefoot; “Heat Index,” by Michael Chapman.

3 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 167: Journeys into the Body (with Dave Oshana)”

  1. I knew it. We’re all musical instruments.
    Thanks for this. Timely, interesting, relaxing.

    Was thinking of FIN-land and hel-SINK-i ..
    Water vibes. Anyway ..
    I’ve been to St. Pete, which is in the same part of the world (the top ?) and it’s pretty darn magical at that latitude. The angle of the light, maybe ?

  2. Thank you. Interesting thoughts. Often throughout my life I wondered which me was the real me, and what does “real” mean? I’m still experiencing the evolution of my “self/selves.”
    A recent knife to the heart of my soul knocked me to the ground/foundation of my very being (s).
    Once again I’m forced to reconstruct myself with this new unwanted knowledge…. leaving selves behind, finding new ones.
    Living in a construction zone here.
    Thank you.


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