The Liminalist # 169.5: A Walking Vortex (with Mr. McCoy)

Second of two-part return conversation with Cary McCoy, on what sex are you, referring to base facts, a fabric of truth & lies, transspeciesism, a bizarro dream life, Dr. Moreau’s future, Cary’s art, symbolic future paintings, Billy dream, astral visits from dead rock stars, Highwaymen, piano & guitar, super creepy soundtracks, conjuring spirits, a walking vortex, dream songs, woken by music, David Constanza playing for the dead, mystic lyrics, a woman in white, giving voice to the dead, more dead musicians, Radiohead, Ripley’s Believe it or not, praying to Satan, Satan’s favorite cat, pursued by 666, the devil’s temptation, marijuana & synchromysticism, goofy mysticism, worthless insights on weed, comparing notes, how feelings all fade away, profound ephemerality, putting emotions on pause, Elon Musk’s long pauses, a night in Guatemala, subliminal programming on TV, Crowley’s early conditioning as “the beast,” Mars turns over a new leaf?

Songs: “Slouching Towards Bremen”  by Geoff Berner; piano music, “Silly Lovers” and “Feel the Feelings Fade Away”  by Cary McCoy & Sooflasky;  “These Words Are Yours,” by Hazelwood Motel

5 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 169.5: A Walking Vortex (with Mr. McCoy)”

  1. Jasun dreams. They’ll happen around here. I’ve had 2 in almost 10 years of watching the Horsley show. Both this year about 3 months apart :

    #1 : A glowing amorphous toy. Chest height. Diameter of a redwood tree, maybe. No hands or body, but I’m playing with the toy. Jasun is at about my 2 o’ clock. He has no body or face, but I know it’s him. He is also playing with this toy. My part of the toy says “happiness” and the word in front of Jasun is “enlightenment.” I don’t know how I know that because I am on the other side of the toy, but I see it through his “eyes.”

    #2 : I get a message from Jasun on an iphone that I don’t own. It says, “Hey Mike. Call me.”

    It seemed that immediately after both of these dreams something was posted at the blog that, a) I’d never heard of before and b) was a fun, uplifting read. I’m thinking of Ms. Weil as an example at the moment.

    Good show, lads. Thanks.
    Dig the tunes, Cary.

  2. Great conversation! Loved all the imagery—the monkeys in the zoo, the 2 way mirror. I remember reading something about a study that found atheists and theists sleep better at night than agnostics—less anxiety. Ah the power of certainty!! Cary’s description of Jasun as a method actor is perfect! Interesting that this trans thing is happening everywhere right down to the transparticle/transwave level. This podcast was one of my all time favorites!

  3. Ha, I dreamt about Jasun too, just before listening to this podcast. All I can remember is that he gently disagreed with me that Jan Irvin is a real, full on nazi. Anyway, great podcast, really enjoyed this conversation, it’s what I come here for.

  4. I’ve really enjoyed this conversation (both parts). The pacing and the topics were right on, and I thoroughly enjoyed Cary’s music. I liked hearing the two of you reference ‘Stormy Weather’ — I really liked those days, even though these ‘Liminalist’ days are just as wild. Thanks so much for letting us listen in — I may even listen again.


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