The Liminalist # 169: Flesh Ape Liberation Simulation Exercise (with Mr. McCoy)

First of a two-part return conversation with Cary McCoy, on Stormy Weather days, excitability & depth, changing views of the occult, the burden of knowledge, the remakes of history, an apologia for Homo Serpiens, an artificial layer of reality, two monkeys in the zoo, a greater control system, AI & the original inception, who made nature, when Auticulture was created, consciousness & technology, Johnny Appleseed, defining artifice, the nature of intervention, the question of purpose & belief, an agnostic perspective, removing ambiguity, knowing the end, disambiguation, the root of neurosis, tentacles of a hive, a method actor, a perfect state of absence, the splinter in the brain, a different visual, life on Mars, occult coping mechanisms, Flesh Ape Liberation Simulation Exercise, the call of Nature, the end of the jungle, transhumanism, building the network, State & individual, purpose & delusion, Dave Oshana & the end of humanity, the more you know, an information sponge, opinions & assholes, touchy times.

Songs: “Slouching Towards Bremen”  by Geoff Berner; “Goodwill Cowboys Ride Again” by Michael Chapman & the Woodpiles. Remaining tunes from Cary McCoy & Sooflasky.

2 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 169: Flesh Ape Liberation Simulation Exercise (with Mr. McCoy)”

  1. Regarding tolerating ambiguity, might it be fair to allow for a usefulness in storytelling(I.e myths, legends, symbolic reference to metaphysical purposes) to keep ourselves warm by the campfire at night before encountering a fresh ambiguous adventure of our individual(and collective) life experience, whether we seek it or it seeks us out?

    Might the metaphysical fire of songs and literal stories keep spiritual darkness at bay from embodying within us its coldness, as does the very physical campfire to our living flesh?

    If I find my comfort only in ambiguity, wavering to and fro with each encounter because I commit to no universal aim in my movement, isn’t that just a commitment to blundering about?

    Must we endlessly rediscover fire in the wilderness to prove we are individually guided souls?

    Can we take ambiguity for a guide, pointing to the problem of numbness that afflicts us frost bitten and sick with edema? Not taking it for the true nature of our flesh?


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