The Liminalist # 171: Hostages to Hysteria (with James Howard Kunstler)

Return conversation with James Howard Kunstler, on grievance studies hoax in academia, dog park rape culture, buzz words as thought stoppers, working at Term Papers Unltd, finals week forever, Bullshit Unltd, the evolution of academic jargon, French post-structuralists, the history of intellectual fraud, the degeneration of education, Kunstler’s downward curve as university speaker, a pivotal moment, infantilized Americans, an incident at Boston college, black kids and the English language, accusations of racism, Prisoner of Infinity blacklisted, the role of a Commissar, ideology for status, a history of sophistry, unconscious dishonesty, a failure of authority in universities, low-order gatekeepers, protecting the narratives, the cult of diversity, fundamental incoherence, Drew Faust, pretending to believe, crumbling identities, Lindsay Shepherd & the void of accountability, the mattress girl, hostages to hysteria, racketeering in education & government involvement, diversity deans and the manufacture of hysteria, the medical racket, capital & capitalism, managing surplus wealth, money-grubbing doctors, prone to insanity, the diminishing returns of technology, unintended consequences of computerization, avoiding real-world consequences, working with capital in the thrift store, the erosion of the transaction, energy capital, peak-oil, a techno-narcissist future, World Made By Hand, a difficult transition period, chicken diapers.

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Songs: “Slouching Towards Bremen” by Geoff Berner; “Gone” by Kelly Hogan; “Hurricane Bay” by Krestovsky; “These Words Are Yours,” by Hazelwood Motel

5 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 171: Hostages to Hysteria (with James Howard Kunstler)”

  1. I’ll second dave w’s comments, re: you two bringing out the best in each other. You (Jasun) were getting close to some of my previous comments regarding the economics of this insanity. If money is cheap (at least within the US empire), it only stands to reason people will be lazier. One will have all sorts of time to concoct silly notions. (N.B., this is not a Max Weber, Protestant work ethic/morality criticism!)

    Having worked with my hands for 25 years – not turning out widgets, mind you – a world made by hand is not all that difficult. It is disciplined, sometimes tedious, but very enjoyable and doable. I can assure one, however, you don’t have too many hours to daydream about this or that social order and how to rework the sexes….! Those things naturally fall into place, more or less. As a plus, writers generally flourish in simpler systems. Take the Southern Agrarians, for instance. Or Thomas Hardy….

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