The Liminalist # 192: The Seen Vs. the Not-Seen (with Martin Jolly)

Part one of two, talking with Martin Jolly about Dave Oshana, recognizing the eternal, and the dark side of society.

A Sensation of the Eternal (0 – 25 mins): feeling vulnerable, a missed allusion, a writer’s conundrum, engaging with sensation, varieties of love, the false identity’s barriers, wanting ideal love, infantile yearning, a rejection of love, negative reinforcement, the armor of cool, an earned position of strength, neutralizing threats with presence, something eternal, becoming sick, letting go of the ego, a new from of communication, intimidated by love, seeing & being seen.

The Tower of Babel (25 – 46 mins): the seen vs. the not-seen, electric boogaloo, Dark Oasis, denying inconvenient possibilities, a positive conundrum, fascination with the dark, the eternal by proxy, different forms of transcendence, belief in eternal evil, Prisoner of Infinity, a bodily correspondence with eternal guidance, hatred of the divine, the lure of occultism, denial as prayer, a cry of anguish, the Tower of Babel, rejecting the father, creating the Patriarchy.

Canceling Allegiance to the World (46 mins to end): Accusations of being a shill, being in an open state, men’s problem with crying, cleaning up messes at Auticulture, a changing policy, fear of a trap, Bertrand Russell & passive resistance, 180 degree turn from dark to light, an internal prison, the possibility of freedom, the problem of us and them & the distinct elite, a consistent sin of hubris, Vice of Kings, the problem with scapegoating the 1%, canceling one’s allegiance to the world, condemnation and self-rejection, the messiness of parapolitics, a quagmire of corruption, going against one’s principals to save the world, conspiratainment vs. understanding, humility & healing, losing 90% of one’s audience.

Dave Oshana free online event (NB: you need to both register & respond to the orientation email before 3 pm UK time on Friday 5th April.)

Songs: “Knob Wobbler,” by Gib Strange;  “Closing Time” by Stealing Orchestra; “Blow It All Away” by Eilen Jewell; “Broken Before We’re Grown,” by Hazelwood Motel

28 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 192: The Seen Vs. the Not-Seen (with Martin Jolly)”

  1. I mean, it was a different form of communication,
    but if it hadn’t been..
    ༼ ▀̿̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿ ̿༽

    Too funny.

    Good show lads.

  2. “Some people tell me that life will pass you by, and I say to them ‘thank God, I nearly got mixed up in the beastly thing!'”–Quentin Crisp. Well, it’s inescapable, isn’t it? Read Henry James’ “Beast in the the Jungle,” and it will be startling to realize that the enlightenment within our reach is, finally, elusive, save in our death. So live on and embrace your inevitable mistakes!

  3. As far as I know, the only protection against things worse than live is Jesus Christ. That´s why the Logos came into the exile of this world and took flesh. Pray, repent, forgive and hope for Grace.

  4. Sure, but without the Romans we would not have the Passiontide as we have it. What means “statistically” then? What would be “statistically” adequate for Passion Sunday? What means Passiontide for you? Was Oshana your name of birth? I am a gentile. And you?

    • Thomas. This thread, which never was on-topic, has become an increasingly dissociative form of spray-and-pray drive-by evangelism. The Book of Isaiah has nothing to do with Roman festivities, such as, Passion Sunday. “Coerced” is not the same as “cooperating”.

  5. It’s true it was never on-topic & it doesn’t seem to be leading to any sort of actual dialogue just banter & epistemological nit-picking. I doubt if anyone really cares. Ironically the motivation of both parties seems to be the same: the saving of a lost soul. Thomas what is it you want? If it is to evangelize I don’t think you are going to have much joy here. Even Jehovah’s witnesses have the courtesy to knock before entering.

    • Saving a lost soul? Isn´t that what the Jehovas wittnesses and evangelization is all about. And they fail. I do not try to evangelize. I am a simple Catholic who despises the Pope and most of the Bishops. I cannot even receive the Host in a physical way, because I am not in state of Grace. I was for over three decades in several cultish enviroments (mostly Tibetan- and Zen Buddhism and my sister was with John and Osho) and nowadays I do not put much trust in living human beings right away. I am glad that there is a place for sinners like me, which is the Church, the bride of the Lord.

        • de Ruiter. They even lived in Canada for some years to be near him. They even got him to Hamburg/Germany for an event. Which is our birthplace. My mother and my brother were not so impressed by his gaze. She told me how she was once driving him and how awfull the stunk of his unwashed genitals was.
          BTW I sent her some of my exchange with Dave. Her answer: “If he really knew something he would be still and JUST BE IT. Ask yourself the question WHO get’s enlightened ?
          In the silence, the void, whatever you want to call it, there is NO ONE who get’s enlightened.
          We just all have to shut up and be THAT what we already are, but always avoid because we are hypnotized by the blabbering of our minds.”


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