The Liminalist # 197: Fourteen Days (with Alex Witcombe)

Conversation with Alex Witcombe on encounters with the unfathomable aspect of (human) nature.

Part One: The Out of Body Police (0 – 30 mins)

Attracting the inexplicable, Alex’s abduction experience, out of body experiences, strange vibrations, astral awareness, trouble-free state, an encounter with Baba, multiple selves, a goddess of herbs & dogs, the out of body police, dream of a grey alien, second attention dreaming, something watching.

Part Two: From ETH to Inorganic Beings (30 mins – 1 hr 11 mins)

A presence in the room, physical contact, the scout, a parasitic entity, a cold presence like metal, a lack of complexity, when memory hits, flooded by fear, an ETH guy, a spanner in the works, living with fear, a combination of the unknown with the intimacy, powerlessness, a circular waiting room, a cartoon nurse, an unorthodox haircut, a hole in the neck, Prisoner of Infinity, finding the location of a dream, from ETH to inorganic beings.

Part Three: The End Point (1 hr 12 mins – 1 hr 45 mins)

The Impossible fly, fly-eye contact, going neurotic, a visit from a scaly succubus, star-watching, the main boss, the end point, no more out of body excursions, putting away childish things, physical sensitivity and CFS, grounding techniques, an into the body experience.

Part Four: A Sea of Manipulated Reality (1 hr 45 mins -1 hr 59 mins) 

Why we’re here, an escape drive & trauma program, Strieber’s trajectory, a feedback loop, dealing with entities, a human element, socialized inorganics, Prisoner of Infinity’s reductionism, the mind control spectrum, harnessing the power of the psyche, manifestation, a sea of manipulated reality.

Part Five: The Rational and the Irrational (1 hr 59 mins – end)

Comox military base, mind control, organized child abuse & UFOs, alien abduction as a cover for black-ops, split down the middle, open-mindedness as an avoidance strategy, the skeptic’s hat, a team of gangstalkers, rational and irrational, normal & paranormal, including all the elements, the cunning of human beings.

Songs: “Knob Wobbler,” by Gib Strange;  “Eyes of the Forrest,” by Bronzed God; “The Plot,” by Malaventura; “Red” by Drakes Hotel; “These Words” by Hazelwood Motel.

Stories & Voices

(Duration 1:30:50 — 83.8 MB)

Out-takes of conversation with Alex Witcombe, pre- and post-podcast

Part One: Inter-subjectivity and the Paranormal (0 – 23 mins)

Driving up to the location, Colin’s experience, a history of experiences, a stop in Hope, visit to the thrift store, old lady encounter, a significant event, Gib Strange, Forteana podcasts, Sasquatch hunters, the Bigfoot video, Gib’s theory of the Sasquatch, stories and voices, spotting the fakes, Whitley Strieber, inter-subjectivity and the paranormal, a waking dream, a benign encounter, Trickster energy.

Part Two: An Open Road (23 – 50 mins) 

Smoking marijuana, a chameleon personality, an empathic sponge, unconscious mimesis, Phillip K. Dick’s weak ego, the start of a journey, an open road, the first site, finding the apples, something going on here, second cabin trip, shanty huts & weird vibes, supreme anxiety, how Jasun got to Hope, Strieber again, hearing Whitley’s voice, a to-do with Daniel Pinchbeck, serving malevolent masters, the many contradictions, Dreams End, meeting the Mrs., roots in Hope.

Part Three:  Why We Are Afraid of the Unconscious (50 mins – 1 hr 12 mins)

Another giant fly, a black-eyed gaze, feeling the fear, neutral energy, the human unconscious, reductionism, a B-movie version of mystery, the spice in life, identity crises & expanding reality, why we are afraid of the unconscious, fear in the body,

Part Four: Tangible Relationships (1 hr 12 mins – end)

Ancestors & hungry ghosts, habitual shells, the inter-subjective realm, an astral reporter, the little people, the intuitive response, the sentience of nature, Colin’s experience, some kind of weather, what the wind knows, all that exists is relationship. 

Songs: “Knob Wobbler,” by Gib Strange; “Love is Blinding” by the High Violets; “This Magic Stuff” by Nina Hynes; “Wheels” by The Rebel.

Alex & Colin’s adventures:

Where Did the Road Go (start listening at the 7:30 mark for a few minutes)

3 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 197: Fourteen Days (with Alex Witcombe)”

  1. Unexpectedly wide eyed to hear the story of the star moving away… The ‘hid behind a cloud’ being the icing on the cake – I had the same experience in the late 80’s. And I would describe the ‘star’ as simply assuming a velocity when it moved. That was the bit that made it hard to explain. And I wasn’t the only one to see it. But I wasn’t expecting to hear someone else tell my story!

    Which reminds me the 80’s for me were full of sleep paralysis. I would lay there thinking, okay when I can move, this time I’ll get out of bed and jump up and down – but I was always so relieved to move again that I would usually fall back to sleep. This could repeat 4 or 5 times…

    I also astral projected once, but only because I was trying – I’d read a book on it. The funny thing was when I decided to return to my body I drifted towards it and then stopped. That’s when it hit me – I’d read so much about how to get out but it had never occurred to me to read about how to get back in! After a (fatally amused) panic I snapped back in with a sharp pain in my lower back.

    I never tried it again. The paralysis continued, less often, into most of my twenties. But it was never a pain in the arse literally… and I have no related stories.

    (I think the control centers are cut off from the body so we don’t act out our dreams and sometimes we can wake up before they are reconnected.)


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